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  1. Bumped into Peter Mendham recently at a very working class restaurant. I haven’t spoken to him for maybe 30 years, we used to know each other through football. What I can say is that he was the same upbeat friendly and polite lad now as he was then, always eager to chat, joke and show a happy side. All he says about his finances sounds true to me. Peter came into football at least 20 years to early, to make any real money. He would have trained/ played with Ted McDougal, Phil Boyer and Martin Peters etc, top players. Martin Peters was the highest paid at the club and that was just £300 per week. All of this era, went back to work after they were finished with football or if very lucky became a manger/ coach but still before the big bucks came. Peter Mendham absolutely wanted to play for Norwich City, he came to them as a young skinny, leggy left winger. He was kicked and bullied in his first trial game, but just picked himself up and carried on, he was tough. I was not surprised that he made the grade, as a pro footballer he was spot on, his off field life didn’t go so well and he’s paid the price.
  2. https://news.sky.com/story/nadhim-zahawi-sacked-as-tory-chairman-over-tax-affairs-row-12793431 Shouldn’t end there. keep digging ……
  3. There’s no need for any modern day footballer to overly build themselves up in the gym, especially young players. Todays game is played on super fast surfaces, with lightweight boots, balls and kit. Muscles need to be conditioned around coordination, quick reflex together with suppleness. When football was a full contact sport and the pitches were heavy mud baths, the elite players were often ‘ skin and bone’, GB as a prime example. Several promising young players have been ruined by the over use of weights and over training in general, resulting in muscle compartment syndrome. Our children, who compete at International level in another sport, do attend a gym, but the exercises are very carefully designed for their age and most certainly not to gain any bulk.
  4. And up he pops again!……… https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/tory-minister-nadhim-zahawi-pockets-25457511
  5. Let’s not forget…. https://amp.theguardian.com/politics/2013/nov/10/nadhim-zahawi-admits-taxpayers-electricity-stables
  6. So convenient ……… https://bylinetimes.com/2021/01/04/vaccine-minister-nadhim-zahawi-family-set-up-medical-company/
  7. No surprise that Nadhim Zahawi has overlooked a few mill of tax owed. The investigating journalists need to start digging around his dealings abroad and see what turns up. Could start with the murky past arrangements and advice with Gulf Keystone Petroleum, who’s shareholders were almost wiped out of a very profitable company. Politics is riddled with corruption, always has been and always will be.
  8. Good game today, excellent work rate. Thinking that as a Brazilian, he should be all attacking and flair but maybe he’s better suited to a deeper midfield role?
  9. So sad, a lovely little girl, taken so young. RIP Amber
  10. This is just about the best team we can manage atm. It hasn’t taken Wagner long to realise, Idah, Nunez are well short of ability at this level. Definitely cash in on Idah, while he has some value, maybe have to cut your loses on the other. Hanley and the winger will need replacing also, ones to slow the other can’t deliver, ….overall it’s a big job of rebuilding that’s for sure! Its not a great division this year so I would expect some improvement soon.
  11. When you must think your life can’t get any worse. 30 year old lawyer, (brother in law)lost both his parents recently to cancer, gets sent to the frontline. Received the news that his teacher wife was found dead inside their freezing ‘house’ of a suspected heart attack, probably on X-Mass eve. It’s not just the bombs that are killing Ukrainians, but the sheer hell on earth conditions. Both ‘Lilly’ and Vova were massive football fans,… it was an experience and pleasure, when ever possible to take them to see the great FC Dnipro, ….so much passion and noise !! Sadly even the club died.
  12. Sounding more and more as if Harry has some mental issues that need dealing with and I don’t mean that in any bad way.
  13. Talking of pillows/cushions, can anyone remember what game and date it was when the main stand demonstrated by throwing lots of their cushions onto the pitch? This was very funny to see for the well behaved kids watching their elders throw, not a few but loads onto the pitch, near or at the end of a match, sometime in the late 60’s early 70’s?
  14. Keelan was a flamboyant keeper who liked a dive and often collected crosses with one hand. Also a bit hotheaded and known the punch the odd Centre forward, in his earlier days! Proberly not the greatest Norwich keeper, that imo would go to Chris Woods, but in the top 4/5 of some high quality goal keepers and very loyal to the club.
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