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  1. "and of course you''d be so upset supporting a premiership club, where the board clearly back the manager who is proving to hit the targets set of him... anyone but Hughton... even if he is succesful... WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG We need to build on last season''s success said one ceo of Norwich!! Has this season built on the ''''success" (and I use that term very very loosely) of last season? Dic of the barclay????? Idiots seem to be ten a penny on here I see
  2. Dic of the barclay wrote who''s going to answer my question... What if we beat Spurs??? I will then we''ll be safe and win the champions league next year and hughton will get an 8 year deal and all the rubbish we''ve had to watch all season will be erased from everyone''s memory. There you go are you happy now clapartist???
  3. Whoami wrote Are we bottom of the League or even in the bottom three currently? No? Oh so it is possible to do worse then. What an idiot let''s wait till we fall in the bottom 3 on the last day yeah? Then we can make a change! There''s 2 worse teams than us atm. By that I mean two teams that are playing worse and one of them 2 has beaten us TWICE this season. Let''s all clap together, all the way down, sing let''s all clap together all the way downnnn!
  4. Jimbo wrote Not blu ray then? You are utterly ray-cist. Why not white ray, green ray, yellow ray, purple ray. Exactly your a Ray-cist! There''s no place for ray-cists like you in today''s society :D
  5. Burnley. (yep guess where I live) Unlucky Jimmy Do you see much of Dave Fishdick? Bank on Dave also saw that poundland thing on bbc1 with the drongo storming about poundland saying " I''m to busy, im so busy I haven''t even got time for indigestion" Some rare folk up there.
  6. " Unless the directors have been rather stupid it wouldn''t be a disaster for the club. And since the city has survived the Norman Conquest, a baronial sacking, numerous riots, destructive fires, the Black Death in three different centuries, Kett''s Rebellion, the English Civil War and the Baedeker Raids of world war two I think it may also just about cope." WAHAHAHA I''ve seen people get "shot down" on here but this, this was like the equivalent of an artillery round smashing through someone''s forehead! Excellent Purple Canary.
  7. Can anyone confirm they know where Simple (straight) Jack-(et) sits in the ground please? Surely this die hard City fan must know lots of people on here that he see''s before k.o etc? What nobody can? Not a soul? But he''s local that''s strange.
  8. Simpleton (straight) Jack-et Wrote "The Premiership is boring. Half a dozen at the top care only about Champions League qualification and, more importantly, the associated riches. The rest care only about 17th place and another season with snouts in the swill bucket" Spoken like a true Ip5w1ch fan S.J. You''ll never go up selling your future starlets like Jay-Emanuelle-to55er
  9. We need to stay in the premier league so we can build as a club. We could be the next Everton for example and then every now and then we can get excited at the possibility of European football happening maybe. Norwich City on tour in Turkey (ok maybe nicer places) Poland Ok then Spain, Germany or Holland. Also in time we may have built a squad strong enough to fight on all fronts league, cups and europe. It''s got to be the dream for all Norwich fans hasn''t it to re-live the early 90''s again. I know things have changed a lot since then but still. That must be the long term "hambition" of the club and fans a like to become a strong mid-top of the premier league team. Maybe we should send Delia, Mcnally, fry, bowkett out tho Dubai for the horse racing and get them selling, selling, selling. I bet there would be plenty of interested oil rich sheikh''s looking for a new hobby. On that subject, Tuesday night 15years ago Manchester City were playing Away at Macclesfield then fast forward 15 years it''s Barcelona they played.
  10. Schafer of the Switzerland curling team could wake me up with a bacon sarnie anytime she wanted. Very nice
  11. Manchester city Liverfool Fulham That''s 18 points we''ll lose every season from now until eternity as long as they are it the league it feels like.
  12. Fantastic choice by the board. Certainly the man to stick a rocket up the under performing players backsides. It would also be great if he can get the best out of Hooper which I suspect he shall. It''s also very surprising (not) to see that the ones being the most negative about Lennon are the Hootan lovers. However the ones who would appear to know the least about football and the basics and think we shall be ok will probably get their wish about Lennon, with him not coming as he almost certainly won''t be coming if we''re in the chumpionship next season. Remember Doctor knows best.
  13. How can a boy named Edward\Eddie who called himself Nutty Nigel write this* What should unite us all on here is our support and love for Norwich City Football Club. What could also unite us would be honesty about who we are and what we say. Is that not in the slightest bit bizzare
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