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  1. Under Lambert the squad always seemed capable of pulling off results, now we go a goal down we have no confidence of coming back, we usually go on to be well beat, how many last minute winners or equalisers we had this year, as has been pointed out by many our subs never seem to make an impact, when is the last time Hughton has told himself i have set up wrong and been brave enough to change it in the first half, this is what good managers do, notleave it till the game has gone, we were pretty lucky last year we had a ten match spell, since then 10 in 47 how the hell is that over achieving with the squad we have, i dont really care who would take over anything would be better than this, Pulis is showing what a good manager can do, even if they go down now i would back palace to bounce back, if we go down and dont change, midtable at most imo.
  2. I am amazed people still have faith in Hughton, there is nothing in the stats that hints he can turn things around. At Westham he got it wrong, yes we missed chances, nobody denies that but he took the momentum out of the game by taking off the two best players, if i was a westham player i would have been well pleased at the time City looked the team most likely. He is a nice fellah, got no axe to grind personally just not a prem manager imo. just to add i hope and pray we stay up in case i get tagged a binner for have different views to the so called nice guys on here.
  3. sometimes i wonder, its about a squad nowadays not eleven players and thats where a manager earns his corn, top managers make subs at the right time to make the biggest impact and dont sub for sub sake, Hughtons sub record is pathetic, the stats prove it. The guy is not good enough bottom line, yes we missed chances but right now Hooper is the best chance we have to nab a goal, leave him out there back him, he was not playing badly, dont bring a guy who could not score on a dartboard with 6 darts.
  4. Even Le tissier said the subs were baffling. Hooper was getting in good positions and was playing well enough a good striker can score in any minute, at least he was getting in the position, Elmander is not and never will be a prolific goalscorer, so hardly the sort of sub to hang your hat on to get a win, which at the time of substitutions was well within our grasp, Westham were pretty pathetic and it was a chance lost imo, you have to be brave as a manager sometimes Hughton is way too cautious.
  5. i dont care who replaces him, anyone will do, we are going down under him, bottom line, get Stevie Wonder he might see where we are going wrong, because hughton sure as hell cant, basic football the idea is to try to win matches a concept he dont seem to uinderstand, Westham were there for the taking last night, he brings off our two best players, even the pundits saying it was a baffling decision, Big Sam was so relieved last nite he knew they got away with it.
  6. So pray tell me, where are these wins coming from to keep us up, playing well is nice but unfortunately gaining points gives you status and our prem status is just about down the tubes, we have won 10 in 47, currently 1 in 13 and all of a sudden we are going to muster 15 points in the games we have left, more chance of RVW Scoring a hatrick,
  7. if i was a pundit i would have us in the frame too, cant make much of a case for us staying up talking with my head, heart says we will.
  8. not looking good played well saturday tbf still could not win bit worrying that because we have more bad performances than good, so if we do play well need to win, cant see where the wins are coming from, letting my heart rule head here NO.
  9. Hooper may be but not premier league, people are forgetting Fondre scored goals for Reading in prem against the top sides as well, RVW is just not good enough period, too lightweight imo, he did well abroad but the prem is a different ball game. Anyway its a big no from you guys so we will leave it to just being one mans opinion.
  10. btw pray tell how many goals have RVW and Elmander got between them how ever bad we are its not good enough. the games i have seen, they dont actually seem to bust a gut to get in the box anyway, RVW Just has not produced its only because he cost 8 mill people think he must be good, maybe just maybe we made a boo boo.
  11. i have not said he is the answer just someone to help out, of course we need more quality right through the team but he did score a few goals in a very poor reading side that went down.
  12. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]I think he is similar to Becchio as my comparator of not better than what we have - and he cant get a game.[/quote] nothing like Becchio imo and he is better than what we have, he scores goals, where as RVW and Elmander dont, very important job for a striker that. i would back him to get more than them two combined by the end of the season.
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