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  1. @Yankee, Im in South Jersey for now. Born and raised. My only real familiarity with the North is Rutgers NB Campus and Newark Airport. Haha. @Jimmy Smith, Agreed. We play like usual and we lose to Fulham and Cardiff. We play like today and we draw with Man. City. What other evidence do we need? Think if we played like this the whole season we would be sitting bottom half of the league? Probably not. Hopefully this was just the first of many great performances. At least now they know they can do it.... fans wont settle for less now that we know it too.
  2. They are playing like are meant to be in the Premier League. Best game in a while! Much better than when they roll over and play dead. Keep it up, boys!
  3. Yes, some pride would be nice, but do remember that they are being instructed to play a certain way. Such negative tactics for so long a time period would totally remove players confidence. If Houghton, or anyone else, instructs them to play back and not take too many risks, it is virtually the same thing as telling them that they wont score goals or make any advances anyway, so they might as well not even try and "risk it" - they should just protect their own goal. Which, unfortunately, ends up making it look like Ruddy is the only member of the team interested in keeping the ball out of our goal. It is the mentality of the team which will determine the quality of their play..... and it is the manager''s job to infuse the right mentality into the players by the way he instructs them to play and the tactics he chooses to use. Yes, players need to take pride in their game, but how excited can they possibly play, when constantly instructed to "not risk it"? Negative tactics to exactly that. C''mon now!
  4. [quote user="First Wizard"]Hear me out guys. A win would no doubt save Hughton''s job, thus giving him permission to muck it all up for the next 8 games or so. Its a tricky situation for the board to be in, act now and avoid that scenario or stumble on, as in the Worthy days, and still let the wound fester resulting certain relegation Don''t worry, when was the last time Norwich won? lol He has to go right now.[:@] [/quote]
  5. Didn''t watch this game, but the Eagles @ Raiders game was absolutely beautiful! Shocking, but beautiful!
  6. Is this legit? I didn''t see the game today, but I heard that everything that could have gone wrong, did. Is he really out?
  7. I agree. I think that if the teams really played it would make it more entertaining. If we are all too concerned about staying PL, I think the quality of entertainment goes down. I often think the lower league games (of any sport) are often more entertaining. I think because the plays are far less scripted (tactically speaking). But, the quality of the sport itself is usually lower. Can you imagine if all the greats in the PL were instructed to play lie they mean it? Would the overall quality go down? I''m not so sure. Especially if that''s how the teams practiced. Like I''ve said previously, I''m quite new to watching soccer, so maybe putting that into practice wouldn''t end well. But, as far as entertainment factor, I think it would be much more enjoyable to watch. Someone had mentioned singing (may have been the OP) but that is a pretty clear example. You go to a concert, it''s top of the line, quality stuff (well, hopefully - cause that''s expensive, lol) But have you ever heard a good (even mediocre) band just messing around having a good time, doing what they love to do? Much! more entertaining! Maybe not the best example, but you get me, right?
  8. "I was gonna clean my room, but then I got Kei" ...no wait, that''s not right. lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHZkm_PR-5Q Wish we had signed him!
  9. It comes down to the individual fan, I think. Some people watch for entertainment. They will watch any game and any team because they simply love the game. It is entertainment, prima facie. They follow a team, but football is football and they are just happy it''s on. Then you have the die hard fan. They follow one team. They enjoy the game, but there mood changes based on how well (or not well) their team is doing. They probably watch/know a lot about all the other teams in the league, but mainly because they want to know exactly where their teams stands. The level of entertainment had, at least to this fan, is highly dependent upon whether their team wins or loses. In order for the teams to make money, they have to keep everyone happy. Staying in premier league is obviously the biggest goal. That''s where the money is. It seems that fear of doing poorly results in less aggressive play. However, if more aggressive play is risky, it can be understood why more reserved tactics are used. I think that if you took it back to a time when money /status quo wasn''t the most important thing, you would find that people played to win. Now people play to stay in the premier leagues; there''s a difference.
  10. Generally people react more negatively when there''s a loss. Nothing wrong with it. If they lose, why not discuss what went wrong and any continuing issues. Seems that things are taken more negatively than they are intended. In conversation, you could voice the same opinion and nobody would be angry. Everything seems more negative when it''s only being read. Plus, it''s a forum.... it''s only half the point. lol
  11. That sounds fun! Patriots won, did they? Those should be good games. I''ve not seen a lot of vikings games, but Steelers have always been entertaining. Same is true for the 49ers, don''t know much about the jaguars though.
  12. No worries. I just can''t always read English sarcasm over the internet, it often differs from American sarcasm from my experience. lol
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