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  1. Consistency is a big word so far as Norwich City is concerned. I honestly thought we would get a result last night but what did we witness? A good opening spell but then the rest of the game was awful. Even the likes of Safri (we think that he is a cut above the rest) was passing balls into touch 10 yards away from the player that presumably it was intended for. It is no good saying what if. What if Huckerby had scored? what if Leon had taken his chances? You get penalised in football for not taking these chances and my immediate thought after these had been spurned was that it was going to be one of those famous games we have conjured up for ourselves this season......... Yes consistency is required but before we talk about getting this over 46 games we need to ensure this is applied over 90 minutes. Surely not too much to ask and also this is taking the phrase ''''getting back to basics'''' to the extreme...............they should be doing this anyway. Until this basic necessity is mastered and understood by all concerned we will still be taking one step back as against anything that is otherwise achieved. Oh, and can the players please try and back up what they are saying in the pre match hype? How many times have we heard this sort of thing? Hucks did try to do something last night (one of our better players) after his midweek comments but as for the rest of them? I know we had injuries to Drury and Charlton and then had to play Hughes at left back but...... Enough said.
  2. 49, can remember standing under the old Pink-Un scoreboard at the River End when first going to see City in the late 1960''s - Hughie Curran and all that!  
  3. Shackell (what about that crucial tackle/interception late in the game to deny Akinbyi?) and Leon took the Man Of The Match honours today in my opinion, but a special word for Andy Hughes. I thought he was everywhere - getting in tackles, putting himself about, and ready to slot in somewhere else when Safri came on. He has been the subject of remarks to date but his recent form has been good. We need a guy like him on the pitch and in the dressing room, inspiring others.    
  4. I was not there but agree totally with your comments, based on reports of today''s performance. I fail to see how after such a good performance (which was within a whisker of being an excellent result) there are people who still feel the need to post negative messages. I am not going to repeat my feelings about a cessation of all this but looking into the next week at least this is all Neil Warnock needs as one of the things to fire up his players. Lets all be true supporters and get behind the team and everyone at the club.
  5. In a separate posting I put forward my views on ''''what is best'''' for the rest of the season, and from the replies to date I seem to have others agreeing with my sentiments. One posting disagreed however, calling me a ''''Chase sympathiser'''', although I cannot see the relevance of this particularly when linked to my overall comments. It is a great pity that some see this whole scenario as ''''us'''' verses ''''them'''' - more like a conflict of war. It is our Football Club we are talking about here and although feelings are running high, people have got to be wary of the overall effect of all this. I therefore reiterate my earlier comments/concerns re calling a truce/halt on these protests etc. David Stringer seems to have been quoted in some instances to back up those who think Worthy is ''''past his sell by date''''.  Please note however that he says in today''s ''''EDP'''' that ''''fans might just have to be patient and wait for the good times to return to Carrow Road''''. He also says ''''Sometimes you have to accept the rough with the smooth, you have good times, you have bad times and you have to get through them''''.  Norwich City are not the only club to have suffered a bad season. They will not be the last. Other clubs have gone through similar experiences. It hurts us because it is our club. If we had been able to put out a settled side for most of this season then I think this would definitely be a justifyable reason to be even more concerned. As it is we have seen different names on the teamsheets for a variety of reasons week in/week out due to either injuries/non availability/or for some reason taking longer than envisaged to settle in. Some might argue that it is because the players brought in are not up to scratch - but how long does it take for a player to settle? 1 month, 2, 3, 4? - probably it differs from player to player. Have we expected too much from them - especially after the ''''heady heights'''', comparatively speaking of the last few years? What I do know is that I like the look of JJ and hope that we can sign him on a permanent basis. One or two others to fill the gaps will hopefully mean a pre season after the remainder of this one to all work together. This is what is required in this Division - stability in a good squad of players. I am not trying to defend the manager here, just trying to balance things out.  I hope those people that matter also ''balance things out'' so we can all get back to normality and look forward to 2006/07 with much anticipation!                 
  6. So, fellow supporters, what is the best for NCFC for the rest of the season if there are to be no Managerial changes (as people would like) considered before the summer/if at all? Is it best for the demonstrations to continue before/after (and during?) each home game? Is it best for the away supporters to sing the ''Worthy Out'' chants during the game as on saturday? Is it best for the effect of these demonstrations and the unrest to adversely affect some/all of the players (despite what some of them might say? Is it best for people to continue to hope we lose and voice these opinions as some have said? Is it best for things to create a widening gulf between the the club and some of its supporters? Yes, I agree there have been things said by club officials recently that have antagonised people, but - Roy Blower will be having his meeting with The Chairman to put forward the views of his Association and those of other supporters who were at St Andrews Hall.  The Chairman (and Neil Doncaster) will listen to these and the meeting will be constructive.  Through this and previous discussions they have had with various supporters they will know peoples feelings to varying degrees. I am sure that any continued arguments/protests will just be a repeat of what people have said already, and be contained in Roy Blowers address. Therefore, I suggest people just sit back and think if a continuation of the above actions is in the best interests of the Football Club? I know where I stand and I think we should have respect for the Chairman and The Board to make the right decisions for the Football Club at all times, whatever they decide.  For the rest of the season lets get behind the team (however hard this might be for some). Please. OTBC.       
  7.  I always find Rick Waghorns articles in the Evening News and The Pink Un interesting and informative. Combined with his wednesday Championship Chat column in the Evening News they try and explain or put forward views behind this whole seasons scenario. Likewise Man In The Stands puts forward interesting opinions that  possibly are shared by a few supporters. His main article this week makes you think even more of the possible ramifications of all this. Read it if you can. I agree totally with his sentiments in his last paragraph and similarly end by saying OTBC. (Forever!)   
  8. People I work with & know have all renewed their season tickets, and although clearly disappointed with this season could all be put in the category as described above - ie will go along to the games to support their team, whatever decisions are made and whoever is in charge, and wherever we might be in the league. Yes we are forever yellow and green. Supporting a team is not going to be watching them win/be top of the league/challenging for the play offs etc all of the time. Protests Sometimes I wonder how we dealt with this sort of thing before the internet/email messages/mobile text messages flying around all the time. Protest if you like, Its good to exchange views but lets keep things in perspective please.  I think a vast majority of the supporters fall into the above category as described.      
  9. To add to my earlier post and also the comment made by Sheded. We are well rid of Francis, in the mood he was in. It seemed his mind was made up far earlier than some of us thought. As for replacing him, I go back to a point I previously made - you can only sign players who are either available and/or want to transfer. Remember the fact that as well as the player, you also have the agent, the other club and your club - all who have to agree to the various terms etc. Complicated business. We all think we can do a better job but I wonder who, this season especially, Worthy has tried to get to sign for us? Are the purchases he made only his 2nd/3rd choices in some cases because no-one else was available for one reason or another. This might be why we have ''''failed miserably to replace him''''. I think sometimes we have to take these possibilities into consideration and not let things run with our frustrations.  
  10. Francis is not here because he wanted to go (and probably stirred things up around the place before he went as well). The start of his disruptive influence was at the end of last season.  There is no way he could have stayed and no-one at the club is to blame for that. He is the type of player we have sorely missed but to replace him you have to be successful in, and able to pay for, getting a suitable replacement, providing they are available - and want to come here. Otherwise you can only buy who is available or willing to sign.    
  11. So, is it the manager of any teams fault when they win the game ''''not playing pretty but they all count''''? Generally speaking, I cannot see how you can say ''''well done to the lads'''' and separate them from the manager, whichever team you are talking about. Do you know what goes on behind the dressing room door? Do any of us? If we want to make comments to substantiate our feelings then fine, but lets keep them realistic.     
  12. I am. And so should the rest of us supporters. Irrespective of what has gone on this season, I hope we win the rest of our games. No sarcastic replies please, surely that is the wish of all supporters and all connected with the club whenever, wherever we play. I am afraid I don''t buy into all this ''I hope we lose'' mentality.           
  13. I respect that every Norwich supporter has, and is entitled to, their own opinion as to whether Worthy should go, stay or be given the rest of the season before any action is taken in the summer. My own opinion is that we should leave things as they are for the remaining games this season and take stock in the summer. With only 10 games left what is to be gained significantly? Which then brings me to the best way of protesting if people think more immediate action should be taken. Whatever people might think, for someone to sayin a posting it would ''''be a laugh'''' if he resigned before the game is surely taking things in the wrong context?  Certainly as true supporters, whilst in the ground we should not wish a win for the opposition whoever we are playing and our vocal support should be the same for the duration of the game. To do otherwise is taking a large step in not giving the players the encouragement to win. I also think a protest is wrong in the lead up to the game - if anything is to be done in this respect then after the game please and also depending on the performance. Whatever we might think, I am sure the hierachy at Carrow Road know the feeling of supporters and at the end of the day will do the right thing for the Football Club. Surely most of us would rather see them in charge than others there have been at other clubs over the years.  
  14. My thoughts entirely. JJ definitely looks a good prospect and I believe his contract runs out in the summer so he could be here permanently. Stability is what is required for the rest of the season with everyone pulling together. I know its a big ask especially as expectations have not been met, but we are not the only club to have come down and found life difficult. As I said in a previous post Hughes was playing well today so, I am being generous here, give this guy some space. Hucks forever yellow and green.  
  15. Is it any coincidence that we have now had a settled side (plus substitutes) for the last 3 games and have taken 7 points? OK, some of you might say it was only Brighton and Derby but I would say any team in the division would say thanks to 6 points and 5 goals against teams like this. As for today''s performance, I thought we played well in the first half, our passing was better - although not perfect - and the only thing that disrupted things was when Hughes went off. Even his most severe critics must admit he was having a decent game today. I think his enforced substitution affected us and it took time to settle again. Derby never looked like troubling Green (apart from that howler of a miss in the second half). I know that there is still some way to go, but I still say lets all remain positive and hope this current group of players stay together for the rest of the season without further injuries. Encouragement from us as well please so burn those banners and no more posts wishing that the opposition win!          
  16. This whole episode of continuing to get at the club, the Board, the players and the Manager is really one that we should look at and say to ourselves how much longer should this continue and what overall effect is this having on OUR club. Whilst some valid points have been made on this website and in the local press I cannot help but think that people just get carried away with themselves and what is the overall effect? Just a general unsettling atmosphere that effects everyone (much to the delight of opposing teams who only need to emphasize this in their dressing room talks to get their players going). Yes, this season has been hugely disappointing but it looks as if the present set up is going to be there for the immediate future. From the way they both played the other night Hucks and Greeno were certainly up for it (and in support of their Manager) so I suggest we all do the same, get behind them for the rest of the season and chuck those ''Worthy Out'' banners away. As true supporters we will be there ''come what may'' next season and it is in all our interests to ensure our team finishes in as high a position as possible this season to meet these challenges. It looks as if on saturday the team could be unchanged for the 3rd game if Fleming gets over his injury. Give them all a chance to gel together and look forward to Leon coming on and scoring a deserved goal! No more negative stuff please!         
  17. I refer back to my original post and some of us share the same sentiments and are trying to reason as to what factors have affected the overall situation. On the subject of Damien Francis, couldn''t he have hidden his real intentions of ''getting away'' until the close season so that most people within the club were unaware? I am suggesting that perhaps this did not come to a head until the close season as already described. Yes, there were ongoing rumours about him going to Charlton, and also about Greeno and Ashton but there will always be rumours won''t there? I also remember reading that by ''holding'' out for a while longer on his transfer, Worthington actually gained the club some money as the bid from Wigan was greater than the dosh offered by Portsmouth. How much have things like this been shared amongst us? The club were faced with a potential disruptive situation whilst he stayed here and as already said who knows how this affected the preparation for the season. I am not trying to make excuses for the situation we find ourselves in, nor am I saying that no-one at the club is at fault, but have we taken into account the loss of Steve Foley for most/all of the close season and the lead up to this season? Some of you might say so what? but the loss of the first team coach and whatever ideas/methods he would have contributed to were missing. Is it at the end of it all bad luck with for example the above instances, new players coming in and taking time to settle, the numerous injuries we have had, a resultant midfield that changes week to week, with an element of (in hindsight) people (including the Manager) at the club admitting one or two things could have been done better? We do not know the full story but from what we do know wouldn''t most clubs have suffered or at least noticed the difference? I am merely trying to be objective about it all and to try and reason it all out.............difficult I know!   
  18. Good points made here, where a balanced view - rather than jumping on the bandwagon - has been taken. In addition to the above, if local press reports are true, Francis gave up his interest in the club as early as February (we all witnessed the poor games he had in the latter part of the season and he might as well have not been at Fulham). Then to point blank refuse to play for the club 10 days before the new season must in itself have been disruptive to all concerned. Of the other exits - most with the exception of Svennson didn''t really set the world alight did they? - and they should have done given their pedigree. Yes we know the squad is thin and has been decimated by injuries, but who knows the exact financial constraints put on the Managers shoulders re the possible purchase of players? The difference between what he would have liked as opposed to what he had to settle for re additional/replacement resources only Worthy and his coaching team will know. If such conditions did exist and exist now then the same would apply to any other manager put in as a replacement. Of course the club could have spent money regardless and added to that large but managable debt. Our friends down the A140 at Portman Road have had their accounts published today with even worse financial figures and some people are talking of a takeover. They run the risk of someone buying into the club from Eastern Europe etc. and then what happens? So far as NCFC is concerned give me Michael and Delia any day and we should not forget the superb work both of them have done for the club and what a sensible chap Roger Munby has always seemed to be.  
  19. OK, so we are all feeling pretty crap at the moment and wonder why it has all gone pear shaped. We all have our own theories on whats wrong and what is needed to put it right.  Given that I doubt that any changes (as some people are hoping) will take place before the Luton game, what are we left with and what do we want? For those asking for the Managers head just remember the alleged financial implications of this - money that could be used to strengthen the squad hopefully when the opportunities arise this season. Worthy has made his feelings known in public and after this he can really say no more. It is now up to the players - after what they have said - (and the Managerial/coaching staff) to turn these words into actions big time. The proof will be the reaction to all this on the 19th - we will all be looking to see that no-one is hiding away on the pitch - we want 11 captains out there playing for their futures as well as Norwich City. If they have been subject to hypnotism (like Wigan!) to achieve this then fine, I don''t care! Yes we are all entitled to our opinions, as per other postings on this website, but lets play our part in helping them get the 3 points. I know its asking a lot of some of us ''to keep the faith'' - especially those who have witnessed recent lacklustre displays - but a continuation of the traditional home crowd noise to get behind them would be great. After all, at the end of it all we are all Canary supporters and I hope we all pull through this together. A reaction similar to ManYoo''s against Chelsea would at least be a start.............               
  20. Hucks is playing with a loss of confidence and always has struck me that he needs all to be going well around him for us to see him at his best. With the current situation heads drop and his is one of the first to do so when this happens. Look at his potential ability however and he is the type of player who can do something - more than anyone else we have on the books. For this reason I would always look to keep him in rather than drop him but in doing so give him a good kick up the rear to get him focused again. The only one who is regularly putting in a lot of effort in recent games is Ashton. Unfortunately most of this is in areas of the field well away from where we want him to really be. Hughes always tries, even if he is lacking in the finer skills. We want similar inputs from the likes of Jarrett, McVeigh, Drury and Brennan. How many of them can say as well they have been ''honest'' to the club and the fans? It amazes me that some are looking for new contracts but seem to be just strolling through as if nothing mattered. Perhaps as well in the 10 day break we can actually work on crossing dangerous balls into the penalty area/6 yard box. Generally speaking these and corners have been very poor with the ball aimlessly going into the stand or easily cleared by the opponents thus setting up another attack.    
  21. Much was said last week regarding a newspaper report of the City performance at Chelsea. By contrast, today''s report in the ''Daily Telegraph'' gives a balanced and realistic account of the game against Spurs, as it has on all games this season. The writer, David Miller, says that ''after two killer touches in the space of 4 minutes'' Norwich ''did not deserve to suffer'' in an ''enthralling game''. He praises both Worthy and Jol for their approach to the game and says he was watching, in his opinion ''two of the three most improved teams in the Premiership since the start of the season'' (the other being Everton). Hucks and Leon are described as ''relentlessly mobile''. He cites Norwich''s acheivement ''with the minimum raw material'', and emphasises that we are now down to the ''bare bones'' with yesterdays injuries, and ''teenage standbye''s'' will travel to Middlesboro for tomorrow''s game. All in all a good report and it shows that at least one national paper knows what it is talking about!      
  22. A message to you all out there - just wait and see what develops over the Darren Huckerby saga - and remember transfer transactions are not simple these days. Do not underestimate Nigel Worthingtons ability to play his part - if anyone can still swing things our way he can. It is understandable we are all deflated by this evenings news that the transfer has fallen through but we do not know all the facts behind the scenes. I am sure DH still wants to come here - other City players have indicated he is a sincere sort of guy - and from what I have seen of him off the pitch during interviews etc, I gained the same impression. In the meantime lets not jump to conclusions and slate him off. We might still all be smiling if things can be worked out over whatever is the stumbling block. Lets all get behind the team on Boxing Day and for the rest of the season to continue the excellent past two results we have had. We have two other new signings to welcome at Carrow Road and if the Huckerby deal does really go off the boil then I am sure Nigel will be in there for someone else. Keep the faith!
  23. Both Rivers and Llewellyn are the same sort of player - waiting for things to happen for them rather than taking the initiative and making a first team place their own whilst at the club. No one can be blamed for this except themselves. Regarding Rivers - I agree on his day he is a very good player but we have not seen this too often, apart from promising signs/displays at the start of this season. If he has been called lazy then who can argue after the game he last played at home to Sunderland when as a second half substitute he was very obscure. Both Hendo and Jarvis lack the experience but they are both willing and eager - something that with continuing experience will serve the club well in the coming seasons. Lets give them all the encouragement they need whilst in the team.
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