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  1. And this bloke played for Holland...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collins_JohnStill only 28 years of age!
  2. Not to mention their 3 defeats in the group stage of Euro 2012, finishing bottom of their group on 0 points.
  3. "Well that tells us all we need to know about you Le Juge" That I don''t overrate the Dutch national team like you do?The FIFA World Rankings have got Holland in 11th and England in 12th. They have given Ron Vlaar (Villa), Jon Heitenga (Fulham), Leroy Fer (Norwich), Dwight Tiendalli (Swansea), and Van Wolfswinkel (Norwich) caps this year.If they are having to use players from the bottom half of the Premier League then they are hardly Spain are they.
  4. "why not ask the Dutch national coaches?"He has had a few minutes here and there in meaningless friendlies.Holland are marginally better than England with a knack of doing well in tournaments if they don''t f*ck up qualification (which they have done several times in recent history).David Nugent, Jay Bothroyd and Bobby Zamora getting a few England caps between them in mid season friendlies did not make any of them the next Alan Shearer, just like Van Wolfswinkle getting a few minutes does not make him the next Ruud Van Nistlerooy.
  5. Kei Kamara should have replaced Grant Holt.Becchio should have been played instead of signing Elmander.Hooper was the only number 9 we needed to sign to play alongside those two.Chris Martin could have been back up to Hooper. Then we could have spent £8m on a quality ball playing tempo dictating centre midfielder to give us what David Fox once did (without some of his limitations).
  6. If a player needs accommodating to be even the slightest bit effective then he probably isn''t all that good.Hooper is a poacher too, and has done a lot better than RVW over the course of this season.We hardly played to Holt''s strengths last season by sticking him up top on his own and yet he finished the season with 8 goals.What you are pretty much saying is that if we can get the ball to his feet in and around the six yard box he will score goals. Well I''ve got news for you mate.... the same applies to any professional striker. If you are saying that Van Wolfswinkel needs the ball in a certain place, at a certain time, in a certain way, to score goals..... then clearly he is a one dimensional and highly limited player who doesn''t have enough strings to his bow to make it in this league.I''m pretty sure that we could say much the same about any failing striker. If you can stick a cross on Becchio''s head at the back post he''d probably stick the ball in the net. Besides.... Van Wolfswinkel has missed several one on ones this season, and several chances where he''s been unmarked and in space in the box. Twice he has mishit it.I''m not buying this crap anymore. He is severely limited and doesn''t have enough about his game to be effective in this league. We''d have been better off with Kei Kamara who probably didn''t have the finesse or a great deal of composure but could at least put himself about and would steal a headed goal every so often.
  7.                             RuddMartin         Bennett    Turner    Olsson Redmond    Johnson    Tettey    Murphy                   Hooper     Becchio We''d do alright I think.
  8. Ali Dia only managed to con 21 minutes of Premier League football out of Graeme Souness.Van Wolfswinkel has conned Hughton out of 23 games.What a lad!
  9. Is it time to pull this one out of the bag yet?
  10. And got to remember all those games where we were just unlucky, Cardiff at home 33 shots!
  11. Becchio or RVW?Kamara or RVW?Holt or RVW?Morison or RVW?Could keep going really, would stop before Harry Kane though.
  12. When Joe Lewis was brought on to play the last 15 minutes of an England U21 game up front, because Stuart Pearce had an injury crisis and nobody else to bring on.He looked like a clueless lanky headless chicken and obviously didn''t have a clue what he was doing but did run around a bit, to be expected though, he is a goalkeeper. Every week I watch a Norwich player who reminds me of Lewis in that hilarious 15 minute cameo, but what is his excuse?
  13. Or maybe he will say "I think tactics may be relevant in football actually, maybe I got it wrong".
  14. If he really did go to the game today then he will be spending his whole trip back to cumbria thinking of ways to spin this into a positive.He can''t even use "we are only 8 points away from 10th", and I don''t think he can continue to use "if we ignore the first 7 away games and the last 6, we have been good away from home". I think he will pull out the "we are on course to finish 16th or 17th, and that means Hughton is doing his job, and how dare Norwich fans expect any better, we were always just here to make up the numbers, now lay back down in the gutter you smelly pond scum and know your place in the football hierarchy you Norfolk based yokels".
  15. Don''t worry, we are only 8 points from 10th.
  16. "Lakey - how you going to spin this one!? Only 8 points off 10th!? Can''t wait to hear your morale raising guff" That''s easy, he will just say that apart from our first 7 away games, and our last 6 away games, we have been excellent away from home. Because that''s what he said a few days ago (replace 6 with 5).
  17. I couldn''t believe it when Jas the barclay king said we were safe last week.In 20 minutes time we have 6 games left to play and 4 against the big boys (1 point this season against the big teams).Sunderland will have 9 games left to play and just last season pulled off a bit of an escape act under Di Canio. We are in real danger if Sunderland find form. I think we will scrape 17th, but not a foregone conclusion.
  18. "and see that we''re clear of relegation"We are a very long way away from being clear of relegation looking at the live table, and the games in hand, and our last four fixtures. With Palace, Swansea, and West Brom currently winning.
  19. "he''s there to stick the ball in the net after receiving a through ball or quick pass across the area, and we are NOT giving him those balls ffs" He has had plenty enough chances to have banged a few goals in since the start of the season. Nobody is saying he should be up there with Bony in the goalscoring charts, but Hooper has created a few goals out of nothing this season and any striker with quality would be able to do that. Most of us are wondering what on earth RVW has done to justify starting before Hooper yet again today. Can you tell me? What I know is that yesterday RVW was on course to score 100 goals by the time he''d played his 2500th game for us, and in half an hour he will be extending that to 100 goals by the time he has scored his 2600th game. And yet he is lightyears ahead of Emile Heskey apparently, 17th all time highest PL goalscorer, lollolololol
  20. Indy_Bones is a little like LDC in a way. One in complete denial about how bad we are away from home, the other still convincing himself that Van Wolfswinkel has any quality.
  21. "do we really need Turner?"You can''t be serious? He was our best defender before getting injured. I''d be seriously dissapointed if Yobo was signed at his expense. Wouldn''t mind Yobo staying but as others have mentioned we really need to spend big on somebody of quality in that position. Caulker from Cardiff has been their best outfield player all season, if they go down then maybe him.Maybe Yobo as as short term solution, allowing Bennett to leave on a season long loan with a quality big money signing coming in to give us: Turner, Bassong, Yobo + Big signing, with Bennett coming back into the frame in a year if he impresses out on loan. No way I''d be happy with Yobo coming in for Turner. Yobo in for Bennett as a short term solution maybe, if we still sign somebody of real quality. I''d be very dissapointed if we didn''t go out and spend £4m to £5m minimum on a new player in that position this summer. That, together with a top class right back and something new up front are essential signings. Also think we have other issues to contend with, like what to do with Anthony Pilkington and resolving Hoolahan''s future, and how we fill the gaps when Becchio and Elmander leave, who will be our number 2 if Bunn leaves, and another window of desperately trying to keep hold of Ruddy. Talk of getting rid of an influential player like Turner with so many other things to consider is just silly.
  22. "We could have paid even bigger money and signed someone like Mario Gomez or Jan Huntelaar, but they''d have been just as hamstrung as RVW has in the system and style of play Hughton insists upon" I hope you aren''t trying to suggest that Van Wolfswinkel is as good as those two players Indy, they are a klaas above.
  23. Let''s have a little recap shall we? YOU: "No, I''d argue that Heskey played well at Leicester, but his form (and apparent footballing ability) declined from that point onwards" ME: "Yes it declined so much post-Leicester that his 22 goals in the 2001/02 season made absolutely no contribution at all to Liverpool''s treble winning season" YOU: "Also interesting to note that you picked his best ever premiership season as a comparison" I chose his first full season after leaving Leicester, a time when his footballing ability and goals you claim dried up completely! Heskey won 4 League Cups, 1 FA Cup, and 1 UEFA Cup, he played 19 Premier League seasons, for 5 different clubs, and is 6th in the all time PL appearances table, 17th in the all time Premier League goalscoring tables. The only thing that is sad here is that you want to embark on this vicious assault on a footballer for no other reason than that you have taken some pretty funny but cliched Heskey jokes far too seriously. And yet I''m being asked to celebrate Van Wolfswinkel for his "genuine talent" after 1 goal in 25 games. I''d swap a 25 year old Heskey for a 25 year old Van Wolfswinkel, no questions.
  24. "No, I''d argue that Heskey played well at Leicester, but his form (and apparent footballing ability) declined from that point onwards and in many games he not only didn''t score, he didn''t do much else either (other than distract the odd defender, and even Simeon Jackson managed to do that despite being nowhere near good enough for this level)" Yes it declined so much post-Leicester that his 22 goals in the 2001/02 season made absolutely no contribution at all to Liverpool''s treble winning season. I''m sure Liverpool fans are still suffering from having to endure those three horrible finals. Amazing that they managed to win the League Cup, FA Cup, and UEFA Cup in the same season while having a sunday league player on the pitch for 56 of their games. You absolute flid.
  25. The Premier League is arguably the best league in the world. Heskey scored 110 goals in the best league in the world. If you think that by shouting loud enough you will manage to convince us that you have seen better strikers playing for pub teams in the Evening News sunday league (in a county which hasn''t produced much more than the Jarvis brothers over the past decade) then sorry but I think you may have mental problems.
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