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  1. I just can''t believe that David McNally of all people would end up to be such a weak pathetic coward, too scared to sack an incompetent manager because he happens to be a likeable bloke.
  2. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! I don''t know either of you so I will have to hedge my bets. I''ll have a tenner on Nutty Nigel down in the 4th, and a tenner on Graham Paddons Beard down in the 5th.
  3. "today was his last hope of keeping the fans on side"I am just frankly amazed that anybody, even you, would think that he still had the chance to get fans on side (what do you mean ''keep''!).He lost the vast majority of fans many months ago, most of them by the end of 2013.Only a few slow village idiots like yourself have been stuck in a parallel universe where Hughton is a good manager and we aren''t f*cked.
  4. "Frankly though, I am amazed that anyone is surprised, or shocked, at the situation we find ourselves in."With three years of TV revenue we should be below Crystal Palace in the league then should we? With their £15k a week wage cap? When our average wage is £23k a week?
  5. "Been saying this for a long time now, but the squad just isn''t good enough"Hughton has made 19 signings since he arrived and spent a record amount of money this summer, so if the squad isn''t good enough this season to match the achievements of the last two years then who is to blame for that?
  6. "Personally I just don''t think Becchio wants to be here"Of course he doesn''t.... he''d scored 19 goals in half a season, came here, and has been given 2 starts. Becchio should be praised for not going beserk and knocking a few people out.
  7. "We got a great deal for him"How great will £2m look if we get relegated and see our revenue fall by £60m next season?
  8. The reason why he left has not changed.There are other Grant Holt''s.Hoolahan and Pilkington, what about them?What happened to Pilkington being a top player and linked to £10m moves to Liverpool? Why wasn''t he on the bench today? Hughton is an imbecile and Holt is 100% relevant, because we spent £15m on strikers and couldn''t replace him. Hughton needs to go.HUGHTON OUT
  9. What does that mean? We replaced him with a player of the same age.
  10. The difference between me and lakey is that everything I''ve said has been proved right.Wanted Hughton out in November. Said we had missed the chance to sack him in January.And I''m right about Van Wolfswinkel too..... rubbish signing, not good enough for this league, and not far away from equalling Danny Graham''s famous 30 game goal drought.
  11. "crying out loud, Holty wanted out"You mean he didn''t want to play for Hughton. He isn''t the only one, Pilkington obviously doesn''t, Hoolahan wants out.Oh yeah.... he wanted to "move back to Carlisle". That would explain why he is currently playing a 3 hour drive away in Birmingham!!!!!!!
  12. He scored 8 premier league goals last season, more than Hooper will score this season.That was playing under Hughton, in an unfamiliar and unsuitable role.And yet we hear the excuse that Van Wolfswinkel isn''t scoring because we don''t play to his strengths, and that Grant Holt is sh*t. Do you think we played to Holt''s strengths last season as a loan striker?Give it a rest mate. Holt just scored a goal in his 5th appearance (2nd start).
  13. Lakey is struggling to find an angle.
  14. 1 goal in 5 Premier League appearances this season.1 in 24 for Elmander1 in 22 for Van WolfswinkelI''m willing to put £20 up against anybody who doesn''t think Holt will outscore them both this season in the EPL. Get this clueless pillock out of our club and get somebody in who knows how to assemble and motivate a team to play to some coherent and logical tactics.  And to think that in November / December the vocal Hughton-outers were the minority being suppressed and hounded out for daring to suggest that Hughton may not be the man for the job.If failing to sack Hughton results in relegation then some heads further up the hierarchy also need to roll.
  15. "You can get Radio Norfolk on the Internet thing and the Internet thing is available in Cumbria"Thought they weren''t allowed to broadcast football on the internet / outside of Norfolk? Whenever I''ve tried on the BBC it is turned off for the footy.
  16. "If Hughton stays, they get to moan for another season, which is what some of them desperately want"Names?
  17. I ask myself that same question quite a lot these days mrs miggins.
  18. Hooper is the right striker and he doesn''t need the other 10 players to change their style of play to accomodate him.There is no way that RVW has shown himself to have enough quality to justify building an entire team around him.Could just as easily say that we aren''t playing Hooper in the right way either...... Hooper is the better striker in my opinion.
  19. Funny how many of the most vocal pro-Hughtoners are the ones who don''t go to many games.I guess that actually paying money to watch that sh*te gives you a different perspective.
  20. "And this is why the whole thread is now defunct"The first person to criticise another posters choice was you matey.
  21. "Not very nice, is it?"Am I in any way morally or contractually obliged to be nice?
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