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  1. I read somewhere that Ed Balls one of Gordon Brown'' advisors is a mad fan. Not famous but a great name for a football supporter, probably likes Iwan that''s all he does nowadays.
  2. Actually fatman, Graham Paddon looked in pretty good shape on the pitch on Saturday, I think I would prefer him to Llewellyn. I never saw Chris L tackle anyone, but he was great at running alongside the man with the ball for long distances or taking them out at thigh height and being booked or sent off!
  3. I think Mulryne looks like Sapphic songstress Alex Parks. Separated at birth perhaps.
  4. Further to the above, Birmingham our nemesis in Cardiff with a side inferior to the mighty yellows, went up with the likes of Darren Purse as a key defender, bought Robbie Savage, who, until some of his performances for Birmingham, I wouldn''t have said would be a sought after Prem first team regular, and survived admirably. Some might question a 9-1 formation but you cannot question their commitment levels and they have then slowly bought more quality to the team with Upson, Dunn etc. Also Everton have retained Unsworth, Manchester City keep the younger but Iwanesque pace of Richard Dunne in their defence, Southampton have Dodd and Marsden, Ronnie Johnsen has kept his place in the Villa team and whilst Taggart and Elliot may not have been have been Leicester''s greatest assets Brian Deane and Les Ferdinand have done a better job than younger, quicker men. The first year of survival is as much down to commitment, belief and teamwork as the inherent skill of the squad. NMTD indeed.
  5. For those relatively new supporters here are the answers to the current box office quiz: 1) Varco 2) ''Farmer Ted'' 3) Blair, Bone, Neighbour 4) Hockey 5) No 6) 9
  6. Just to add to the ridicule that has deservedly been heaped upon 1stWizened, if that was the worst performance he can remember he either has Alzheimer''s or he has missed quite a few games since 1964.
  7. It just goes to show that NW could do worse than play Iwan up front, he could play him at the back! Surely his performance puts the final nail in the coffin when it comes to him playing in the first team?
  8. Should I know what Zeugma is? We should definitely sign him anyway, he''s bought a house in Stratton Strawless.
  9. He''s living in my spare room under an alias and a duvet and he plans to sign for beccles
  10. Season tickets will not be available until early Feb I was told.
  11. Why is Rivers playing so badly? Is it following the injury after being top scorer or just the NW black spot weighing him down?
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