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  1. Come on everybody lets get behind our manager, who has done a fantastic job since he has been manager of Norwich City football club. He must be regarded as one of the best young managers in the game and therefore I think everbody should log onto www.worthy forengland.co.uk to pledge their support, in getting Nigel his rightly deserved job, of England manager.
  2. Francis by far was our poorest player yesterday, he basically didn''t want to know, he knows he''s not playing championship football next season, and therefore didn''t want to know. Plus he was the reason we got off to a dreadful start by not picking up the run of McBride for the first goal. ( but there again he''s not been picking up opposing players runs into the box all season )  He must be sold if we are to be a positive force in the championship next season.
  3. Having received a letter on Wednesday saying that as a season ticket holder I was unsuccessful with my application for a ticket for the forthcoming Fulham game, I feel totally disgruntled by the way the ticket applications were handled.  I do not dispute the ballot was conducted fairly, but find it grossly unfair that applications were accepted AFTER the game on Saturday. Like many others, I showed my total commitment at wanting to attend the Fulham match by applying for my ticket weeks ago,  but ended up with no better chance than those people who waited for Saturdays result. Had the club date stamped the applications and even time stamped them, in the case of Saturdays applications, this problem would not have arisen, and those people who applied first would now have tickets.  In footballing terms I feel as if I have had a penalty given against me, and not only was the ball not in my penalty area, it wasn’t even in my HALF of the pitch (Saturday after match applications should be sent off for diving). Come on Norwich, prove to us all your staff, and not just the players are worthy of the Premier League!!
  4. FACT    Crystal Palace have conceded 1 goal  in their last 5 home league games, whilst we have conceded 14 in our last 5 home games, that''s almost 3 goals per game, and that''s why we WILL be relegated and Palace will probably survive. P.S  of course we could always try dropping Fleming and see if the goals against improves ?
  5. If you had read my post correctly I said that there''s no problem with him going forward, it''s when we HAVEN''T got the ball that he''s a problem. p.s and on the question of where we could find someone better for £260.000, my 15 year old son could do better than Francis defensively, and I would let him play for the club for nothing
  6. Having watched the game last night I can now see why we have conceded so many goals this season (13 in last 5 games) The problem IS Francis''s lack of defending ability i.e not tracking back, unable to "pick-up" opposition players and basically "ball watching" and not knowing what the hell is going on around him. I am Francis''s greatest fan when we have the ball and he is driving forward, and agree he has scored some important goals for us. But defensively he gives us no protection to the "back four" He basically does not "work his socks off" for the team as most quality premiership midfielders do. If Worthy doesn''t axe him, let''s hope he scores a few more goals this season and then a London club offers us a million for him in the summer, only then will we be better equipped for next season, whichever division we are in.
  7. How long can Worthy play the same back four when we can''t stop leeking goals. (46 goals in 24 games, that''s nearly an average of two goals per game) Please, please , please  Worthy let''s try a different formation ( three central defenders and wing backs) we must not have the same back four in place when we go to Everton. We have NO premiership defenders at the club so Nigel you have from now till the end of the month to bring in at least two premiership defenders on loan. If no new defenders arrive before Everton, my defence (if players are fit) would be                           Doherty Shackell Charlton            Helveg                                             Brennan   Givi it a try Worthy, it can''t do any worse !!!!!!   we might just keep our first clean sheet since mid October.
  8. I could not agree more, keep the great play up Hux
  9. What are you guys ON !! Hucks has been outstanding again this season, he''s the only person capable of providing chances or scoring goals himself. We would be rooted to the bottom of the league ( and I mean ROOTED) had he not been playing, and "Heaven help us" if he gets injured. PS. He''s already a Norwich Legend, leave him alone.
  10. Two main points regarding the team selection for Saturday.1. we must NOT go with the same defence we had at Charlton. (now conceaded 23 goals in 13 games, thats nearly 2 goals a game)(why do we HAVE to play 4-4-2)2. Hucks must NOT play as a left-winger, where he is easily marked out of a game. GREEN FLEMING DOHERTY CHARLTON HELVEG BENTLY FRANCIS MULRYNE BRENNAN HUCKERBY McKENZIEP.S Nothing against Edworthy and Drury who have been superb this season, but the different formation will suit Helveg and Brennan better
  11. page 50 of todays Daily Mirror will explain all !!   ave it !!!
  12. When we all thought that honesty had gone out of football, what a great sporting gesture it was by Worthington on Saturday to even up the sides by making it 10 against 10 in the second half by bringing on Henderson. Am I the only one that thinks that Worthy has lost the plot?!? I''d be interested to know other people''s opinions on this. Also, why does Mulryne never feature? We need someone who can pass the ball and, more importantly, help us keep possession - especially when we''re leading! Match stats say we only had 46% of possession on Saturday - not enough at home, especially against 10 men.
  13. I agree totaly with you, solve letting in goals, and goals WILL come the other end.
  14. We could sign a striker who scored in every game from January to May, and that still would not necessarily stop us from getting relegated, its defenders that we need!!!!!
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