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  1. Green 6 - Reasonably solid at no fault for goal but looked slightly shaky with one or two crosses. Colin 7 - Impressive again looks a good solid signing. Docherty 8 - Superb won everything looks like a new player. Davenport 8 - As above. Drury 7/8 - Best game of the season solid at the back and looked better going forward and linking with hucks. Marney 6/7 Fairly quiet game with 2 pieces of real quality free kick and cross for the doc. Safi 9 mom - He is just superb his crossfield passing was better then Beckham and his ball winning was better then keane awesome. Hughes 7 - Another solid game always improving. Huckerby 8 - Looked dangerous all night his best game of the season. Ashton 5 - Shouldnt of been on the pitch, must be given credit for giving it a go though, he will be back to his best after a little rest I have no doubt about that. Mcveigh 8 - Yet again looked bright and lively throughout, along with saf and the doc the success story of the season so far. Lisbie 7 - Lively, should of done better with couple of chances though. Brennan 7 Kept ball well in his brief appearence. What do people think of these ratings?
  2. OK lets have the team you think not hope will take to the field saturday and your predictions.                                         Green       Lois Jean            Fleming          Docherty        Drury       Henderson          Hughes          Jarrett         Huckerby                               Ashton          Mckenzie   Subs Ward colin shackell marney thorne   2-1 to us Stern John for them 1st and hucks and leon for us.
  3. Yellow rider, I object to you speaking to dumble delia in that way. The views and opinions he have are all worth reading and he is very entertaining on this forum. I am also excited and looking forward to seeing jono in the championship and if someone is a saddo for having an opinion then what are you yellow rider? Take a look at yourself mate!
  4. Wolves have placed him on the transfer list. He was awesome for us, we need a right sided midfielder. Go on worthy go for him!
  5. I personally feel both deano and aj will stay til january see how there teams are doing if they are in with a good shout for promotion they will stay for the final push and if they are mid/lower table(unlikely i no) but they have scored a lot of goals then i think they will leave.
  6. So far Deano has been linked to Arsenal, Villa, Weat Brom, Man City and Rangers (not prem I no). So will AJ be with you next season selhurst?
  7. I am quite worried at the fact that the daily mirror says that all 19500 season tickets are sold for next season although i have yet to do my renewal as i was under the impression that we had till the end of May and Ive been getting the last of the cash together. Any answers please?
  8. Yeh thought so. Hes just the latest scapegoat after sutch, rivers, mulryne, holt, jonson the list goes on. Get behind your players.
  9. Just wondering what train most of you are getting on Sunday. Should be one hell of a party.
  10. OK so what is everyone on heres problem with Craig. For the most part of the season he has been solid if not spectacular and since Man Utd he has been absolutely outstanding yet we still here people calling for Docherty who for me is far insuperior to Fleming. Get off his back and get behind him!
  11. Good luck Phil, you ran the record number of miles in a prem match against soton at 14.3 beating Roy Keanes record and you are truely a Norwich legend. Good luck in fnding a new club mate. All the best if you read this Jon
  12. What makes you think they have sold out? I have just booked four tickets in the neutral end.
  13. They were shouting argentina not because they were trying to wind us up but because of their left back Gabriel Heinxe
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