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  1. What are you on about man? in, in, in !!!!!!!
  2. Ermmmmmmmmmmmmmm, now let me think??? maybe because you have no fooker to have one off
  3. So he does, what about Greg Downs? does he live in Norfolk? did he win one with Coventry?
  4. Clive Woods - Newton Flotman, legend and probably the only Norfolk resident with a FA cup winners medal, ha ha
  5. Have you not had a bent striker before???
  6. On closer inspection its Delia on her daily trip to the bottle bank, lets be avin you, as the west london cockney boys sang "we have a billionaire you have a drunken mare"
  7. Hang on thats Delia at the back of Tesco in Stowmarket, up the ammers!!!
  8. Reel em in Wilson( another Norfolk idiot) a bite every time, so much better than TWTD, all lazy on that site those cock-er-nee boys must be full of jellied eels
  9. No numpty nigel, he is still a season ticket holder and has been for 50 years, at least my father could say " thats my boy" and thank god otherwise my childhood football education would have been Kevin Bond and Peter Mendham instead of Wark and Mariner.
  10. No numpty sorry nutty he is a season ticket holder despite 4 relegations, like you will be next year a relegated seson ticket holder
  11. Oh he was my biological grandfather god rest him and my father as a schoolboy watched more football at carrot road than at Portman Road, he then saw the light during the Ramsey years and for that I thank god daily.    
  12. You feel like the Col U fans did, you cant say that you had not been warned???
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