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  1. I can''t make it tomorrow night, so wondered if anyone would be interested in 2 tickets in the Geoffrey wailing stand for £15
  2. Also yet to have tickets posted. Do postman still come on a Saturday?
  3. [quote user="Feedthewolf"]http://uk.westfield.com/stratfordcity/getting-here/getting-there-car/£6 for 24 hours, 4,500 spaces. Park there, take the Tube to Wembley. Sorted.[/quote] Is that a joke surely. Who in their right mind would park an hour away from the stadium
  4. [quote user="Phil Schmil"]Register with Just Park. I''m parking in Wembley on someone''s drive for £15 and have used the same location before. Safe as houses.[/quote] Totally agree they''re a no brainer. I also use just park for days out in London also. A few friends snapped up a few more spaces last night a stones throw away from the ground so not sure if there''s many places left.
  5. I heard the Middlesbough fans have asked the social to provide the fans transport.
  6. [quote user="The recurring 5 year plan"]I am excited by this, all the others available have too many failures as much as positives. He could just be a bit special, who can say he would not have gone onto win the Scottish prem this season given their current position and progression under him. If he is the Next Alex then we may just have an absolute gem here. Maybe Phelan was aware of him through Fergie etc... I am more positive about this appointment than I would have been all the others that were talked about. OTBC[/quote] Spot on same here, got a feeling this good be a Gem. Exciting times ahead so let''s get behind him.
  7. I remember the same feedback when we appointed lambert with "who''s he etc etc" so let''s give this chap a chance as I''ve got a sneaky feeling he''s going to get us promoted then eventually after a couple of years in the Premiership jump ship for another club which will be offering him 40k a week. Think this Alex fella will be a crowd favourite within 2 months.
  8. I think with our current squad in the World Cup I honestly think we fail to qualify from the group.
  9. If I''m being honest we should all wait until 5 games into the season before we make proper judgement of Adams, this way we will see what players we''ve bought in, what strategy & tactics Adams will play. First of all let''s wait to see who''s leaving and who he''s bringing in. I for one think it''s going to go 2 ways and that''s we are going to storm the league or we are really going to struggle fighting relegation, but either way it''s hard to judge anything for next season while a ball hasn''t been kicked as yet.
  10. I think people are forgetting it''s ok saying lets bring in this striker or that striker, but it goes to show Derby''s midfield created great chances for Martin hence him scoring many, if norwich don''t bring in any creative midfield players I''d like to know where our goals will come from.
  11. One thing we do know is if the board has got it wrong again and we struggle in the championship I''m sure the board will have to think about their future. One thing I will say is I''m glad it''s Adams rather then Malky.
  12. If Malky would''ve stayed at Cardiff they still would of been relegated, the Cardiff fans would be outside their club demanding questions why they didn''t sack him before, yet for some bizarre reason many Norwich fans think this clown his good enough to get norwich out of the Championship.
  13. I really don''t think McNally would take a risk on hiring Malky considering him and Hughton basically play the same football week in and week out.
  14. Adams not even in the betting now does that means it''s a done deal he''s gong to be the manager
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