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  1. Hughton is a good manager. He did well for Newcastle, well for Birmingham, and he''s been impressive so far. He''s got work to do, but he''s a good manager.
  2. They finished the game relatively strong, should have had a pen at the end, not that it mattered. There will be some inconsistency in some of these smaller clubs, don''t think they''ll be a worry.
  3. Good that there won''t be any suspensions in the near future, but there''s always a point when you''re wondering if the players are going into challenges as aggressively as they should be. Unfortunately now a days, you look at somebody wrong and you''re out for 3 matches.
  4. Everything thinks they have a sweet FK, and if you ever score one than everybody else believes you.
  5. Shearer was a great player, one of the best English players ever... But that''s it. He was a garbage manager and his punditry has never impressed me.
  6. There''s always going to be a scapegoat when things aren''t going 100% the way you want or expect.
  7. League in general is getting a lot more competitive. A lot less comfort no matter where you play, and I think we are going to see a lot less consistency in general in the coming years.
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