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  1. I really can''t get the hang of this double posting/quoting stuff on this board, can I? [:''(]
  2. [quote user="Nick"]Gosh the man has aged horrendously. It can''t be that stressful being celtic manager surely...[/quote]Life threatened, beaten up, home vandalised and parcels bombs sent to you. In your first year. Then you''ve got a large, fervent fan base demanding you win practically every game you manage.I suppose it''s not too bad. [:P]
  3. Quote fail. "This" in the first paragraph was referring to AVB being at the match last night to watch Victor Wanyama.
  4. Celtic fan here in peace. I''d hazard a guess and say that this is the far more likely conclusion.The 3 main prospects at Celtic are Wanyama, Hooper and Forster. Wanyama is the stand out by a country mile, and is far too good for the SPL. There''s an acceptance here that he''s not going to be around for long and we should just appreciate having a player of that standard in the team while we can. Forster is also attracting a lot of attention and I don''t think he''ll be here for much longer either. Hooper has become a very good player and is still improving. On his current form, he''d be a big asset to the Norwich side in my humble opinion. In saying that though, I think Tottenham could do with a striker in his mould so it wouldn''t be the biggest surprise to see them in for him.The situation with his contract is this: Celtic''s highest earner is Scott Brown, who is paid £30k. Hooper wants more, and we have a very strict wage budget that won''t be shifted. Financial prudence is the name of the game up here, and contrary to what is being said, we''re in a very healthy financial position and there is no necessity whatsoever to sell any players. Rangers demise has been financially beneficial to us in that it has allowed squad rotation in the SPL and subsequently lucrative progress in the Champions League.It''s going to take £7.5-8m to buy him and about £40k per week. I have no idea about Norwich''s finances and whether or not that''s a realistic transfer for you guys, but either way I''ll be tracking his progress and hoping he does well wherever he goes.For anyone interested, here''s a highlights package of last nights match (Hooper scored twice): http://www.kirkintillochemerald.co.uk/showthread.php?p=35403#post35403
  5. Have to say I''m a little disappointed with some of the comments made about Neil. First things first, he''s a young manager who''s handled himself magnificently in such a large job. If you care to take a look at his signings during his tenure you''ll see a significant success rate. He has built a very young team - on average aged 23, who have little experience and moulded them into champions. He also has great experience working under tight financial constraints: Adam Matthews - free. Excellent young player who has become a mainstay in the first team. Kelvin Wilson - free. Decent enough, not great. Forgiveable on a free transfer. Fraser Forster - loan. Has become a much better keeper during his time at Celtic, another young talent. Joe Ledley - free. Quite possibly our player of the year. Unbelievable free transfer, and one of our key asset. Charlie Mulgrew - free. Everyone had serious reservations about signing Charlie back, but he has gone on to win POTY and has made the centre back position his own. Has to be remembered here that he was a LB before he signed for us, but Neil obviously sussed something we didn''t. Gary Hooper - £2m. Gary''s ability speaks for itself. He''s worth far more than his paid price now. Emilio Izaguirre - £650k. Again, another inspired signing who''d be able to step up to a much bigger platform. POTY last year, a bit unlucky with injuries this year. Wasn''t all that long ago he had interest from Man Utd. Beram Kayal - £1.5m. Another top player linked with a big money move to bigger clubs. Key player for us now. Kris Commons - free. Scores goals! Good option to have in the squad, and excellent value on a free. Daniel Majstorovic - free. A little inconsistent at times, but provided much needed experience to the younger lads and was on the whole a solid big defender. Then take into consideration the younger players he has blooded this season. James Forrest has been a revelation. Dylan McGeough came on during his debut and scored a wonder goal. Looks a real talent. Tony Watt came on during his debut and scored twice. Another one who looks like a real gem. I''d then comment on Neil being a ''thug''... at what point in has Neil Lennon been a thug? Can you point me to how many times he was red carded as a player? He''s certainly a fiery, passionate guy but he''s portrayed horribly. During his short stint as being a manager, the guy has been sent bombs in the mail, sent death threats, had his property vandalised and been assaulted publicly. He has came through the whole process with sheer dignity and determination. Plenty of men would have walked away. Put poignantly, Neil Lennon has his managerial flaws like any other. But he is an excellent man manager, has a great eye for raw talent and brings a siege mentality with him wherever he goes. There is absolutely no way he''ll be leaving Celtic though, and that''s not in any manner intended as a sleight on Norwich City. RANT OVER! :P
  6. I''d reckon he''ll be looking at Pilkington, Howson and Martin. I''m sure McNally will see sense enough to price him out though.
  7. Neil Doncaster is proving to be ridiculously out of his depths up here. The SPL chief executive also said that it was extremely difficult to design a fit-and-proper test for prospective new owners of clubs. "If you talk about past criminal record, then arguably Ghandi I think had a criminal record, and ultimately he''s be a fit and proper person to run a premier league club in Scotland but he might be forbidden by such an objective test."
  8. Don''t sell McCourt. Paddy McCourt, I just don''t think you understand. Cause if you sell McCourt, Paddy McCourt, you''ll have a riot on your hands!
  9. It''s certainly something I''d like to see, I''ve suggested it to the club and I''m sure a few others will too. Even a two legged affair or a friendly cup of some sort would go down a treat. Once again though, very welcoming set of supporters and enjoyed myself before, during and after the game. Never been one for following other clubs, but I''m a certified Norwich supporter now!
  10. Would just like to say that you and your club did yourselves proud last night. First time I''ve been to Carrow Road, but it certainly won''t be the last. Cheers for a great night, hopefully we''ll meet again some time soon. Good luck in the Premiership next season!
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