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  1. Thanks will give that a try cant pick it up in nottingham :/
  2. Hi anyone know of a link for the commentary online ?? Thanks in advance
  3. Rvw in the under 21s development match the other day
  4. Same boat as you still nothing I''ve emailed and phoned took it all out Friday and still nothing
  5. So who''s received there email from the coral deal I took it out Friday and still waiting
  6. After watching the game yesterday I actually thought the same!! Grabs had a one on one missed and also had a good opportunity when redmonds shot was saved failed to control the ball where a 1st time shot was possibly the best choice!! Problems is Rvw is our record signing not his fault we paid alot for him but as fans we expect something back!! I like grabs work rate and the way he stretches the back for but he''s not a good finisher!! Rvw came to the club with a reputation as a goal scorer but has failed miserable!! hooper yes great finisher but it''s not going to happen for him here if we continue with one up top!!
  7. Why on earth is he a tosser just because things dint full for him??? He never left under a cloud as far as i was aware he tried and tried it just dint workout !!! By all accounts i think hes liked by the other players so stop moaning !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I really do wish people would stop banging on about rvw.... Yes he had a terrible season yes he dint live up 2 what we all expected but hes still a city player.... If hes stays lets support him if he goes then lets forget about him !!!!!!!!!!
  9. I totally agree why change the system when it''s working yes we''re not scoring loads but were still picking up points !! Perhaps some of u guys watch a different game last night i personally thought we played some good stuff and holahan retained possession very well and linked the play up !! I agree the crossing should be beta and maybe Bennett should have a run in the team !! Tettey is getting beta and beta in that position with every game I really can''t see why we should go back to 442 and leave us open !! Do we forget about how we played against a uninspiring Liverpool team
  10. Southampton seemed to have got there act together but that''s there only clean sheet this season so they do leak goals !! Why change anything yes we seem to lack some goals but were still capable of scoring the odd goal so stick with what has servered us so well the last 7 games !!
  11. I guess it all depends on how negative we are ... If we sit back and constantly give possession away will prob lose by 1 or 2 !!! I do like the fact were hard to break down just worry about the lack of chances we created against reading !! Saying that will prob win 4 .0 lol
  12. To be fair calderwood was sat away from holt Morrison fox and even Gary 3lungs holt was sitting wit them !! Calderwood was with his family and pretty much left them too it !!!!
  13. Needs to stop feeding them hamsters as his and holtys dog lost me some money lol !!!
  14. Yeah completely change my opinion of him based on that night !!
  15. Was at yarmouth races sat night where Morrison grant holt foxy and calderwood were !!! 1st point was how well holt and Morrison were getting on and joking about so any rumours of them hating each other are way off the mark !!! They even have a grey hound together !!! Next point for all those who think morrision is up his own arse and arrogant from are experience sat he''s a friendly guy who took time out to speak to us all and have a laugh !! Sad that we were we even had pics with hotly and morro together lol !!!
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