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  1. Fish and chips tonight, no lady garden today, with or without sauce.
  2. [quote user="morty"]Fish fingers sandwich. Though it begs the question, where does snack end, and meal begin?[/quote] It''s not a snack or a meal without tomato sauce. Very careless omission.
  3. Sausage bacon and mustard roll from Archers.
  4. Wot no Pulp? Or the soundtracks from Taratino''s reservoir dogs / pulp Fiction
  5. The majority view surely would be that it was a very exciting game from which we got a point against the league leaders. I''m happy to think outside the box and set the target higher. 😁 Got to get back to work now
  6. The pattern of last night''s game was similar to several others under Neil. I wasn''t there but the times of the goals and subs are a matter of fact. I do try to give thought to my opinion, footballs important. If my opinion differs from others, I don''t mind, they may catch up.
  7. I haven''t, Morty, but I do try to think about it, formulate opinions of my own after researching thoroughly. I don''t take at face value everything that passes before my eyes. And I do get to quite a few games, I just can''t make every game.
  8. I listen when I can''t watch, and reading carefully reports via media, this forum and other forums gives me my fix when I can''t get there.
  9. Lappin, I can''t get to every game, not enough money or time sadly.
  10. Morty - assume you are failing to recognise that they are a much, much better team than we are? And failing to recognise just how many players we had missing last night? Surely that logic makes the tactics even more important? I was only looking at the subs on the bench, not in the docs room.
  11. Several posters have said it wouldn''t have ended good if we used subs to make the team mire solid. That is conjecture, the facts show that three attacking subs were put on and we went from leading to drawing the game almost immediately. The attacking subs weren''t able to influence the game enough to score any more goals. This is a pattern which has been repeated several times during Neil''s management, keep doing the same things and expect different results?
  12. Morty said - Sitting deeper and inviting them on would not have ended well. It didn''t end well though, we gave away another soft goal and snatched a draw from the jaws of victory. Beefing up the midfield and defense to protect a lead doesn''t mean no attacking, Howson, Jerome and Dijks could easily have been in a counterattack, but making three attack minded subs didn''t win the game, didn''t win us a point in my opinion it cost us two points. Just about being professional, having control over the game rather than being too open when protecting a lead. How many times this season and last have we not protected a lead? Tactics have been wrong, it''s a lesson which needs to be learnt if we are to make progress.
  13. There were three players on the bench who were defensive, Bassong, Bennett and Godfrey. For all that we might say about these players, surely it would have been more solid than the two Murphys, lafferty and Pritchard.
  14. I''m sorry to pee on the parade, but am I alone in thinking that when we are 2-1 up with half hour to go, a measure of control might be in order. We had three defensive subs on the bench. Wildschut was struggling by all accounts, Wes not defensively minded and Murphy not defensive. Surely it should have been couple of those off to pack the midfield / defense and slow it down a bit, restricting nufc getting forward. How many times have we seen leads thrown away in last 20-30 minutes because we haven''t got tactics right. IF we get promoted we will be straight back down unless Neil and the players learn to protect a lead.
  15. That game versus Leicester? The ball ended up in the Directors Seats, McNally threw it to Lambert who threw it to whoever took the throw in. Seconds later Holt had scored winner.
  16. I''m sure that the quantity posts wasn''t a problem for the three of you, more the content. If you have considered that, fair play to you.
  17. It''s good of Pete to re enforce the message to our squabbling do, as several reasonably balanced posters have mentioned in recent times. Sadly though, Pete didn''t address the key issue of the sexual tension between the two of them and LDC. Relationship counseling or perhaps a Piinkun Jeremy Kyle special show? We will need to be watchful, offering support wherever we can.
  18. [quote user="Nuff Said"]What about men with small hands?[/quote] Sounds like you''re gonna have an interesting Valentine''s nuff said
  19. Hi TG sadly circumstances don''t permit me to join the march tomorrow, however, please could you give me details where I can donate to the cause. Best
  20. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]A house keeper ? my ex has 3[/quote] Why would your ex have 3 gloves? Are we talking aliens?
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