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  1. This was the young Hertha Berlin striker who caused us problems in the friendly. Is only on loan from Borussia Mochengladbach. Could we make a sneaky bid to take him on loan for the season. Could be a replacement for Wilbraham and Chris Martin who surely will moved out this transfer window.
  2. Who cares about that bunch of no hopers. There is only  1 team fit to wear the yellow shirt. NCFC And today, we will allow Bradley Wiggins the honour of carrying the yellow shirt to victory.
  3. [quote user="DOGGER"]wigan, wba and westham[/quote] Same 3 for me. Think we may flirt with danger for a while but once we get the FA Cup run going during January and February we will reach safety. Perhaps a journey to wembley to finish the season in style Why not ?
  4. [quote user="PKC"]I would have to find room for Ron Saunders in there somewhere, First time in top league first time at Wembley. He is also the only manager to leave Norwich and be a big success although not at his next club.[/quote] Great manager had the total respect of his players and what leaders he had in Forbes and Stringer
  5. 1) John Bond     Cavalier attacking football, probably the most exciting time to be a fan 2) Mike Walker  Again, brilliant attacking football and the european adventure, great times 3) Ron Saunders  The old warhorse, with his team of hard workers achieved the 1st promotion to the top flight 4) Archie Macauley  Before my time, but the great 59 cup run speaks for itself 5) Chris Hughton   Hope he will have a bit of the character of the above 4 and lead us on a great new era OTBC  
  6. Steve Bruce    vs Ipswich           milk cup semi final winner Dave Stringer   vs  C Palace       relegation decider 20 secs from end Justin Fashanu   vs Liverpool        the classic Jeremy Goss   vs     Bayern         the volley Simeon Jackson   vs Derby        The sheer atmosphere. The loudest ever
  7. Cannot really see this one happening, unless of course Jackson is part of a deal to bring Matt Phillips to Norwich. As the source was from football rumours site, i would think it no more than just that
  8. You will find it very difficult to get tickets for away matches. There is a strict application process for all away matches. Being a non member i think you got no chance. Last season even season ticket holders found it difficult to obtain away tickets. Would suggest you join as a super member, you could get to see a few home matches then. Good luck anyway Any relation to the John Ryan who played for us
  9. Well done CH on the signing of Whittaker a steady performer for rangers in scotland and europe. IMO will merely be a squad player, and will not really have us on the edge of our seats. Hope we bring in some flair and an exciting player in the mould of Hucks If only we could find the new hucks, any suggestions.
  10. I think holts agent is to blame for this fiasco. He cant be very asute or he would have got holty a longer contract in the 1st place
  11. Totally agree mate. Starting all over again with the excitement and passion
  12. How about holty being told do your talking on the pitch again next season and every goal you score buys you an additional 1 month extension to your current contract. So 12 goals you get your year extra, city stay in premier league and everyone happy. Come on holty go for it big man and prove to us how much you love this club and the fans. we backed you from the day you arrived from obscurity and a little bit of humble pie would ensure your LEGEND status. We can forgive, cos we are Norwich City  
  13. Pity cully has left to go to villa Would have liked him to stay as coach/asst manager with perhaps malky as the front man We have lost a great coach, possibly will be missed more than lambert. If its malky, what sort of assistant/coach does he have at cardiff with him Pretty sure if its Chris Hughton we would get colin calderwood as his assistant
  14. Dont think either club will suffer the dreaded 2nd season syndrome now We should be excited at prospect of new managers, players etc Its like a new dawn a new beginning We get off to a good start and a similar season  awaits us
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