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  1. Depending on where you disembark, a veritable smorgasbord of pubs and bars await the Yella Army down Putney High Street and Putney Bridge. If you arrive at Putney Mainline Station you’ll find The Railway a big and typical JD Wetherspoon establishment and the funky Citizen Smith selling Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam and Lowrider on draught opposite the station. The Fox is just around the corner, which is not a bad little boozer (mind you, I drank in here when we lost 0-6, so won’t be there tomorrow). Further down Putney High Street, you’ll find a small Slug & Lettuce and then a real Putney favourite, The Spotted Horse which I always enjoy a pint in. This is a Young & Co pub and is deceptive in that it is a lot bigger than it looks. It’s a bit expensive, though. A little walk further down and you’ll find the Whistle & Flute which is a Fullers Pub. It’s alright for a pint and has a couple of large screens showing Football. Nothing special. Further down the road, and not far from Putney Bridge, is the Coat & Badge which does become popular in good weather. Has a garden to the front and gets a good mixture of FFC and away supporters. Food is meant to be very good, but rather expensive. Always enjoy a pint in here. For all you CAMRA lovers, the Bricklayers Arms is the best pub in Putney for Real Ale with a large selection of well kept and high quality ales. Not the biggest pub and it does get busy. There is a small garden and you get quite a few away supporters in there. The ales change on a very regular basis. The Boathouse is good watering hole on a nice day. It’s a Youngs House, which has a large terrace overlooking Putney Bridge and the Thames. Again, a little bit expensive, but it’s a big pub on three levels. Food meant to be good. The Rocket is next door/nearby. Another JD Weatherspoon and a cheaper option than the Boathouse. As mentioned, the Dukes Head is pretty good. Another Young’s House on the River and very popular. Again, expensive but the location is very nice. The Dukes Head and the nearby Star & Garter, which is now a wine bar/restaurant, were regularly featured in episodes of Minder and the Sweeney (you slag). John Christie (10 Rillington Place) was arrested nearby on Putney Bridge Embankment. If you get off at Putney Bridge Tube station, you will find The Eight Bells. A popular destination for the away fan, but I don’t really know why. Small pub with a few tables outside, it’s alright for a beer if you’re meeting up before the game or killing ten minutes after the game. There are a lot better pubs than this, though. Two popular pubs for away fans are the Larrick Inn and the Temperance. Both are just over Putney Bridge and just round the corner from Putney Bridge Tube Station. The Larrick is a fairly new bar which has a number of TV screens, but was showing American Football and Super-15 Rugby instead of Sky Sports when I went there. Strange place that has the front of a camper van on one wall and graffiti artwork on another. Could be a diner or a café or even a pub. The Temperance was formerly an O’Neill’s establishment when the Yella Army last visited on that fateful Sunday afternoon in May 2005. Meant to have changed into a gastro-pub but, from the mixed reviews that I’ve heard, it still sounds like a pub that offers typical pub chain fayre. On Fulham High Street is the Golden Lion Pub that only lets in Fulham supporters. This is a shame, as it’s quite a nice little cosy pub, with a nice garden. Still on Fulham High Street, on the roundabout, is Rockwell’s which used to be the famous “Kings Head” music venue. This has only just opened and it’s not a bad place. I was in here before Fulham played WBA. There was a few Baggies in there and I hear it was very popular with Wolves fans before there recent capitulation. Not sure about the grub. Think there was burger and chips being served. Good friendly atmosphere and probably one of the nearest to Craven Cottage. Highly recommended. The Crabtree is a popular pub behind the Hammersmith (home) End, about a 10 minute walk. A very popular pub that has just been refurbished. You won’t have too many complaints if you end up here. Food wise, it’s very good and certainly more fricasse of vegetables with salsify, than burger and chips with tommy sauce. Anyhow Simeon to get the winner in a 2-1 win. NMTD
  2. Really wanted Stevenage or Crawley away, but can''t complain at least we are at home. Never really liked Leicester City. One of my first memories was Keith Wellar in his wife’s tights scoring against us at a very icy Filbert Street. Think it was 1979 and we lost 3-0.
  3. I got mine yesterday morning, therefore you should get yours very soon. Good luck
  4. Can''t stand the bloke. Is this the same Steve Bruce that proposed going on strike to force the clubs hand on his protracted move to Man Utd? The same Steve Bruce who walked out on Huddersfield Town, Crystal Palace and Wigan Athletic?. The same Steve Bruce who then criticises Darren Bent and Asamoah Gyan for being disloyal and only leaving just for financial gain…Big Nosed Hypocrite.
  5. My heart goes out to them. All 9401 of them.
  6. Absolutely scandalous the way Wimbledon FC were allowed to be killed off in favour of product MK Dons. How the FA and Football League could sanction this move defies belief, even the independent commission set up at the time, stated "that the formation of such a club would not be in the wider interests of football" to me says it all. The FA Commission at the time also recommended that "the club should always retain a link with its former identity" funny, but that never happened either. How would you like to be told as a supporter that your team will be moving 60 miles to a new town and that your name will be changed to represent the past, present and future?..Oh and by the way Mr Supporter, we will change the club colours after next season, as we want this place to be the club at the heart of its new community (i.e. forget about the previous 100 odd years). The Football League then duly announced new tighter rules on club relocation after this decision. Yellow shirt, I too have met Pete Winkelman and he is a fairly affable guy. I first met him in the late nineties, when he wouldn''t have been able to differentiate between Bamber and Paul Gascoigne then. His knowledge may have improved since, but I and the majority of football fans have nothing but contempt for MK Dons and what they stand for. Long live AFC Wimbledon and all other clubs that serve their community, but not MK. NMTD
  7. Rondy I went to the Palace friendly 2 years ago and that was one of my 10 ticket stubs that I submitted to the ticket office for Col Utd away ballot. They marked it as one of 10 stubbs and sent it back to me. So I would keep it safe fella. NMTD
  8. The Opposite of a Glory Supporter = The 699 Supporters that went to Yeovil after the Col Who 1-7. I was there that night and quite amusing to hear the Yeovil fans take the mick. Also, Yeovil Town the only club that I can ever remember that had/has flowers in the away end toilets. NMTD
  9. Good Evening, Just about coming down down from last night. One of those nights that make you so proud to be a NCFC supporter. Just wanted to forward some nice comments and best wishes from Fulham fans on their "Friends of Fulham" site. I am slightly biased as both my brothers are FFC supporters of more than 30 years, but they have always been very complimentary of NCFC and wanted us to stay up on that fateful Sunday afternoon in May 2005. http://www.friendsoffulham.com/forum/index.php?topic=11769.0 http://www.friendsoffulham.com/forum/index.php?topic=11777.0 NMTD
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