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  1. His contribution to the cause should not be under estimated. He has played in a wide midfield role for much of the season to cover up our shortcomings, not his best position. Let''s get behind him on Saturday because he seems a bit down and this time last year was worshiped like a demigod. OTBC from sunny Skegness
  2. It actually started in the South Stand! Prior to the Barclay Boys was the South Stand Choir- in the days when football crowds (of young men) were a rarity. I remember ''pinching'' the bell from the Birmingham fans (they soon took it back). A trip to Hull that left Castle Meadow at midnight on Friday-  first smack in the mush at 8am as we tried to ''take'' a cafe near Hull docks! Running along the Thames embankment avoiding Chelsea fans because we (Hugh Curran) had the audacity to almost score at Stamford Bridge. The very early Barclay had its characters like- Stumpy, Steve Ward, Hippo and Barry Gudgeon. Hard boys but then we were nearly always outnumbered (even at home). Thanks for the memories and how I miss the Gala!
  3. what''s the score?- I live in skegness and cannot get radio norfolk today- help!!!!!!
  4. Come on guys (and gals)...he''s ideal for the right side of midfield. Strong, committed and a 10 goals a year man. The Aussies seem to do OK in sport and they all have dubious parentage. At least he''s a once removed binner.. and NW did give them Muddy Rivers! OTBC
  5. ..and it will wind up Ips**** We can''t read and we can''t write We''re alltogether not to bright But we can do what you can''t do We can drive (sign?) a Bentley OTBC from sunny (not) Skegness
  6. Well respected website www.football365.com has the Arsenal starlet linked with a season long loan with the Canaries. Wenger is on record as saying he (Bentley) needs the regular first team action. Does 2 + 2 make 5 in this case? OTBC from sunny Skegness (not!)
  7. This report (and I have emailed the editor!) merley confirms the situation we now have with the use (or not) of the assistant referees. Last night''s pair were useless. Having some inside understanding of the process I can only assume the ref told his assistants NOT to interfere in anything except throw ins. They could not possibly have missed as much as they did! When Hucks was tackled/fouled I actually saw the linesman (or whatever they are called) look the other way! He was in line and is the man who should be brought to task. OTBC
  8. Any idea where I can get them ? OTBC from an old South Stand Choir member! Mid-60''s (the choir not me!).
  9. Excellent ''look-a-like'' on www.football365.com today (Thursday) if you cannot be bothered to go there..its Jaws from the James Bond movies
  10. Nobby G- you''ve got in it one! Our success is about a balanced team- Hucks could play wide left against say mid-table opposition but not at the highest level as we need him occupying their centre backs. Same old story, too many fans have never played football at any level. All of a sudden they are tactical experts. Leave it to Nigel. OTBC
  11. Johnny Miller- ex-Ips*** right winger. Every time he played for us he cheated by taking his wages. Ask a grown up about his performance (not) at Wembley. OTBC from a wintery Skegness.
  12. May not be the first with this...but it still works for Cantona and the Mancs On the first day of Christmas Delia gave to me.. Darren Huckerby Your are on your own with the other 11 days!
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