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  1. thank you guys, ive joined both hope niether of you mind :)
  2. Has anyone set up a mini league as im wanting to join one as well as just the normal league
  3. I''m guess "l4cole" you don''t have to many friends (I feel for you I really do) if you have enough time to sit here through out your day to post meaningless and rubbish posts on here, I for one can think of plenty of reasons to have holt and not to have him and I can do the same for bendtner as well, but like someone earlier if holt was really that good why is he not playing european football like bendtnern Come on then guys I''m ready for the backlash an bollocking I''m about to get of you all (ps yes I''m a fellow canary as you all are I''m a home and (yes and) away season ticket holder
  4. im gonna agree with everyone else its an amazing magazine, well done to everyone involved
  5. I sadly wont have any trouble gaining tickets for any away game due to me and a friend both buying away season tickets so :) :) :) :) :) o ya i forgot i have a home season ticket as well so watch out teams im going to every game
  6. can someone please post a link to a pic or video as i have missed it
  7. 2009 / 2010 = 1st in league 1 2010 / 2011 = 2nd in championship 2011 / 2012 = 3rd in premiership can it happen and what are the odds ????? (wishful thinking i no but are we not allowed to all dream at least once)
  8. my bad sorry, i just gotta get refund for my russle allison lounge ticket or sell it on here then i''ll have it off you please mate, cheers
  9. whitbread lol ive got a bet on him to score at least 1 goal before of season with my mate
  10. sorry to say this but i for one most proberly the only 1 hope for all hell thats jackson does not start on friday, my main reason for this mad reasoning is that last time he started he was average at best but look what he and his pace can do to the tired defenders in the last 20 or so mins of every game so lambert please leave him on bench for this an then bring him on in 2nd half and let him work his magic
  11. Pretty please someone must have something, :)
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