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  1. Good morning guys,In desperate need of 2 Ipswich tickets for next sunday''s game. Thought having 1,100 points would be enough, woke up this morning and sold out. [:''(] [:''(][:''(][:''(]Please let me know if you have any or know anyone does. Obviously willing to pay.Thanks in advance chaps.
  2. Cheers. Good to see images of the pitch invasion :D
  3. Yeah, that''s a bit annoying. Thankfully I live about a 5 mintue walk away, but must be really irritating for other people :/
  4. Grr... how do I get smilies to work? Haven''t been on here for many a year.
  5. [quote user="Herman "]Cheers Brendo.[/quote] No problemo. If you want some Radio Norfolk commentary it''s here... http://www.ustream.tv/channel/norwichfirst Not great quality, though. [:)]
  6. I''ve been listening to the game via this... http://uktvsport.webs.com/sports-radio It''s the Birmingham local radio but works. Can''t find a stream :(
  7. Slightly off topic so I apologise, but where in the city is good for watching the game tomorrow? Cheers
  8. I watched a 15 minute highlight video of his time here the other day. Maybe I''m being silly but I kinda want him back here. No reason he can''t still be good, his game was never really about pace so not too sure why he would be much worse. Hughton destroyed him with his defensive tactics. Grant said himself he didn''t like the style of play. Hughton is now gone, I think he could score a good few goals in the champo.
  9. Bit late, but I cannot see Barcelona losing this weekend at home to Almeria. (sorry GP haha [;)])Under 2.5 goals at Villa Park I think too.
  10. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Brendo"]Been a while since I was here...Manchester United to win please. Good luck all.[/quote]   Welcome back Brendo[Y] Stick around buddy, we need your help with the match bets later this month.     [/quote]Cheers Nigel. Will do mate. Picks look good this week. [Y]
  11. Been a while since I was here...Manchester United to win please. Good luck all.
  12. Honestly I think he will keep us up. Like last season. Will it be pretty? Of course not.Personally I want him out. Yeah premier league football is brilliant but it''s not enjoyable to watch. I''d rather be in L1 again and see us going at teams and scoring goals, than parking the bus every game. Unfortunately I can''t see him being sacked any time soon either. [:(]
  13. I have it on semi reliable authority that it is white, at least the shirt is all white. Not sure about the rest of the kit, or whether this is even correct. Just thought I would share what I''ve been told.Personally, I wouldn''t like a white kit, it just seems boring.Black is nice, or maybe a dark green, or Purple (unlikely I know). Maybe even a dark red. Also wouldn''t mind a blue away kit of some sort although I highly doubt that will happen.
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