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  1. Just more evidence of how inept AN was. We now have one unproven LB. He left us with an incredibly thin squad. Going into a summer needing to sign 1 or 2 LBs is criminal.
  2. Hurling. It''s awesome to watch live. Viscous, and amazingly skilful.
  3. Just wondering if any Dublin based canaries will be out catching the match today, and where?
  4. So, I''ve flown over from Dublin, and found a decent boozer in Covent Garden. It''s full of boro. Is there a city pub nearby? Where are we all? I can''t be the only city fan in London the day before....
  5. At last, some information on the train strike. Thanks. I didn''t realise that the strike was only planned for Monday. As long as I can get back to stansted without jumping in a taxi, I''m happy.
  6. I''m flying over for the final, on the Sunday. Any city fans driving down that can pick me up at stansted? Purely due to the potential train strike. I''m staying in docklands. Also need a lift back for a 10pm flight, if anyone can help there.
  7. I watched in my local in Dublin, on an extended lunch break from work. The only city fan, but was getting a bit of support for us from the Irish after Wessi scored.
  8. I had no idea there were so many of us over here! Who''s Dublin based? I''ll be in London for the final, assuming we make it. But going forward, we should meet up for any matches on sky. I usually watch in the local alone.
  9. 06:40 flight to stansted, to be at wbley for 09:00. Breakfast and take it in. 22:05 flight back to dub.
  10. I live in Dublin, but will be working for the semis. Always looking for city fans to watch matches with whenever I can! I know here are at least 3 or 4 of us now, so a meet up soon is on the cards. Gutted I can''t watch the semis, but if we get to wembley, I can''t miss it, so that takes priority on my time off.
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