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  1. anyone checked him out on youtube?...looks tasty to me. thanks must go to our board for getting him here and kenny for letting him come!. hopefully it will be more beneficial to us, and he wont get recalled
  2. i heard the same thing on bbc radio dirty leeds too, i hope the league penalises donny if this is the case
  3. we got a good gaffer, if other clubs want his services then so be it. he''s said he aint going, Would be gutted if he did leave us. He''s got a squad that a: want to play for him and b: want to play for the clubIf the unthinkable happened, who could replace paul?
  4. every job that becomes available, paul seems to be linked.This may be a thread killer, he has committed himself to us, those clubs can knock at the door, but no one is answering. Promotion to the premier league [i will not call it premiership, an americanism] or stability in the championship is the minimum requirement. If that cannot be delivered then fair enough.
  5. [quote user="I am a Banana"]i have it on good word that lambert is staying on the condition that we get the other 2 players he wants to sign in by next saturday.[/quote]where you got that from?....eh eh
  6. [quote user="waggers"]Thanks for the info. Listening on the internet, Radio Norfolk is scrambled but 5 Live Extra isn''t :)[/quote]i must have been doing something wrong. when i clicked on the link it said ''this service is currently not available'' I live in yorkshire FFS
  7. can we not stop this?....i suppose he has been linked with the vacancy at preston too!. Lambert is our gaffer, pure and simple. If a major prem club went in for him, i could understand, but get a grip...jog on
  8. That is really good news. Shows that the board has some vision and hope for the future. Lets have more of the same!. Well done NCFC
  9. Hi there,For the fellow city fans who are going to the game i hope you have a great time!, please SING LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!. Us exiles wanna here ya on our t.v''s. Lets smack the scum!
  10. did not sleep too much myself cityangel. Got the beer in, all bad luck omens banished to the garden shed, lucky undercrackers on and am thinking of  chucking next doors black cat in the shed as well!. Nervous, me?STS!!!!!!! [spank the scum!]OTBC
  11. i agree, i was known as lordyfan. Tried to log in, nope, reset password arrived, password not recognised!. I''ll stick to this moniker.Did anyone know these changes/''upgrades'' to the site were happening?, unless you were in the alleged inner circle
  12. absolute tosh!. could not automatically log in from my bookmark, have made a new account so i can post this.Think i''m gonna just check back once a week to see if it''s sorted out, instead of 6-7 times a dayI am STILL a canary in terrierland awaiting promotion!
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