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  1. Maybe ours should take note of this sentance there seems to be a blame culture: "England managers get sacked one after the other and it''s as if the buck stops with the manager. But who makes the decision to appoint that manager and empower them? It can only be you,the chief exec. And sometimes you have to take a close look at yourself and the decisions you are making
  2. Great post, the best Ive read on here for a long time. I notice smudger etc havent replied to any of your very good points.
  3. Exactley, all these top players we supposedley tried to sign but never came, and we end up with Chris Brown. Therefore I think they will say they tried there best to get Jewell, but we end up with Perrin ( A coach at Forest Green, if you didnt know)
  4. The board will say it took so long because they were after Jewell, but after endless negotions, when they thought they already had him, it all went pear shaped, so they have had to go with a second rate manager instead.
  5. Please No. This would be awful, what has he done? With so many better options available in the market, we really should get someone good this time.
  6. Was just wondering what Club they had all been at before Watford, as they seem to be doing a good job there. Which ever board let them go must be fools
  7. This really annoys me. Ive been a Supporter for over 25 years, but leaving in Wiltshire I can only get to see 1 or 2 games a year, and by the look of things I might not get to see any next year if all the seats are taken by glory hunters. But on the plus side, if we do go up at least Ill get to see them on TV more then once in a blue moon. All you Norwich City livers are lucky buggers I tell ya
  8. Im a fan from Wiltshire, and I was planning on makeing the 5 hour journey up to see my family in Norwich next week end, just descovered that there will be no tickets on general sale for the match, gutted, I only get to watch two games a year, oh well hopefully next years matches will be premiership ones.
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