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  1. Wow dude, you should be the manager. You seem to know more about football and finance than anyone I have ever seen or heard of. With your gut instinct for predicting the future as well, I think Norwich would be delighted to have you on board. I know I would. The only thing which worries me about your suitability for the role is that rather than going down to the club to enquire about any vacancies, you would rather spout on and on about how digusted you are about the job others are doing. Well, the last time I was disgusted about something I did something about it. So I do hope you can do likewise and that you are not purely one of these ''internet experts'' Discussion is all well and good, but it seems now is the time for you to put up or stop pretending you are that bothered by events at the club.
  2. Would''nt it be interesting to have Worthy himself play a game in midfield for us? Lately it would''nt hurt our performance any and would''nt it just give him some idea of how hard Norwich seem to make life for themselves. Balls pinging over his head vainly looking for our strikers to win. Passes to him going miles astray forcing him to track back and then when he gets the ball, no one working to give him space to pass to. Just think he deserves it really. (For the record, it may be that the boss really is trying to instill a confident, passing attacking game and that his players are just making him look silly. Well then don''t play them. I''m sure that 25,000 fans would all rather see a young lad given his chance to try and play football than a professional who can''t pass 10 yards. Ipswich seem to be doing it alright)
  3. To be honest, with the fewer games played in the Prem, a run in both cups would''nt hurt us at all. In fact, as we proved last year, having games thick and fast is great news when you find your best team and put on a run. It would have been nice to see an experimental team last night, but I see it as another 90 minutes of practice with the 1st choice team. Working together is incredibly hard at Prem level, hence our calls for Leon (which I have to agree with), Jonson etc. But I think the solution is to change one or two players at a time, which Worthy did last night. I want success now to make the season easier rather than a late scramble, but I am mighty relieived to see that we defend as a whole and thats now 3 clean sheets. Goals will come with understanding. If we put Leon etc. in now and go backwards, then that shoots the confidence of the new players and the ones who were replaced. This may be the slower way, but it will work. Looking good to be honest and how proud am I that the new players like Jonson are prepared to work and wait for their chance, unlike Mr Diouf! How much better will it be for him when he breaks through properly, rather than just a change to try and shake things up?
  4. All the Captain does on the pitch is lead the teams out and toss the coin. (Well basically!) Any player worth his salt encourages and urges his team mates himself. Hux was encouraging the players around him on his own, why should being Captain make him do it more? Likewise defenders organise and encourage each other regardless of who is Captain. If say Utd made Rooney Captain, Keane would still be scaring his own midfielders round the pitch. Drury being Captain is more a nod to his professionalism, hard work and teamwork more than anything else. A Captain is seen like a promotion, or managers are in most jobs, having Drury there is a great example to others at the club. Be like him, be Captain etc.
  5. You''re quite right yella, he does''nt seem to want the ball, which I guess must be down to confidence. Take Bentley, he has faith in his own passing and touch to want the ball. But Holt is pressing well, forcing people wide, hes springing out out of our box to close people down and is nearly there. If his touch was a little better and likewise his passing, he would be nearly as good as Francis. Lets give him a hell of a cheer this Sat and give him a boost, if he knows we think he can do it, then he''ll be back to the old Holty. If, not chuck him out for Safri! He knows he has to improve from watching the videos just as much as we do.
  6. Disgraceful really, commentating using his vast knowledge :-) is supposed to be his JOB now. How hard can it be to watch the odd game or two here and there? If I and most other people took his attitude to work, I bet we''d all soon have more time to spend on here!!!! Muppet.
  7. Thanks for your replies guys, guess it''ll be the internet for me then. Out of idle curiosity, whens the last time neither derby was televised?
  8. Do any of you over there in Norfolk know if the game is gonna be shown on Anglia or not? I know it is''nt a Sky game (heaven only knows why), but is there anywhere I can see it? I live in Wales currently, so do have access to Anglia via Sky. Cheers all. OTBC
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