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  1. More about how many social media followers half of them.
  2. Can I vote for you ? This has Boaty McBoatface written all over it
  3. What a marvelous word, I shall be using this much more often, thanks.
  4. Wow, this Essex fella is a Director ???? I would of thought he would be on the forums more, hardly hear from him.
  5. Indeed, two PCS filed 24/04/2024
  6. Yup looks like just took ages.
  7. Really couldnt give two hoots, just comes across as we are bettwr supporters than you, and thats what they want, i bet its very diverse as well. Jesus, just enjoy the football and get another hobby, let the professionals take care of it, they can handle the scampi and flag situation im sure.
  8. Personally I really dont get all this supporters panel stuff. Norwich are a business, yes a business involved in entertainment, but a buisiness none the less. All very experienced staff, I cant see what role any supporter has, doubtfull they are qualified or experenced in the world of high end football multu million businesses. Be a supporter, enjoy the games, why does everyone feel that they have to be involved in everything these days.
  9. Now Fortuna board member for sport and communication has added fuel to that fire, saying via the club's official website: "We have exercised the agreed purchase option for Christos Tzolis at Norwich City. "This is a good moment for Fortuna, but without getting too euphoric. The contract negotiated a year ago could only be concluded with one restriction. "It contains an exit clause with the possibility for the player to change clubs again during the upcoming transfer period under certain conditions." So strange
  10. Indeed, tis tucked within my trusty Filofax
  11. I think we got quite lucky in the second half of the season, quite unlucky in the first. That being said, so many errors both players and management throughout the season. Bizzare team and sub choices none of which worked out, and the fact we were relying partly on players that werent good enough last year but back from loan now good enough. No prolific wingers, altho playering wingers, back 4 not great for more than a season. We need a plan and forcast, having youth players not on the bench when 2 keepers is just madness and really doesnt give the youth confidence.
  12. Who is Alan Gee and what is City Elite ?
  13. Youve got to think he will look at that at half time, i think a red there way may well come
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