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  1. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]That''s much better [:D][/quote]It is nice to know that I am pleasing you!
  2. [quote user="ucl-canary"]"bhoys" is my favourite [/quote]You like boys do you. I always thought you were gay![;)]
  3. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]I refuse to believe that his English is genuinely that bad.[/quote]I apologise if it is not up to your standard, dear boy Humphrey. [:D]
  4. [quote user="ucl-canary"]It must be a fuckin massive effort to spell that badly![/quote]giv ova on de abuse.
  5. i dnt care we''ll loose. gd on celtic fans. y cant city fans b lyk that. pussies.
  6. im ashamed 2 sit newhere wivin carroe road. crap ground, no atmosfere.
  7. [quote user="gregstero"]"Do you find this offencive? you''re a little prick!" There is no need to act in such a way. We are all city fans. I would like an apology. Oh and spell correctly you silly sausage!! HaHa [/quote]wiv u thru fick nd fin m8. they are all a bunch of *, specally WAY nd PUPS. agrred?
  8. [quote user="Delias Devonshire Dirtbox"]Nelson? as in Nelson the current player of the month for league1[/quote]name ne ova desent playors in L1, all *
  9. Realistically when do people think is the earliest time we can get promoted? Is home to Stockport to early [:p]
  10. [8]Leeds have * it up * it up, Leeds have * it up nananananananaananana [8] [:D]
  11. Yeovil aren''t going to be pushovers, I would certainly settle for a 1-0. Therefore my prediction is 5-1 City [:D] Holt, Hoolahan, Martin, Smith & Doc [Y]
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