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  1. I really rate a fully fit Tierney but this will be a decent signing I reckon as it will provide competition for LB, keeping the standards high.Interesting to see some replies to my FB status below (I live in Manc):        City fans....what did u think of Javier Garrido?         Distinctly average, sweet peg though                Shit                Takes a mean free kick, although not a lot else                Dead pan average with a good free kick, Michael Ball got ahead of him in the squad...                Chris Porter Average at best bearing in mind average to city fans is probably different to our definition!
  2. I went to Preston last week too and Barnett won absolutley everything! Would be a great addition but wouldnt be cheap.With regards to last season, i thought Askou was quality at the back before he got injured and i am glad we have him. Nelson was good in league one but cant help but feel he is a bit dodgy, i think he could potentially get ripped apart against certain players / teams.
  3. IF it is true i wonder if it is that Dedryk Boyata as we were rumoured to have looked at signing him on loan in the summer. I know alot of city fans and heard he is a quality youngster....but i cant see us getting anyone else in?
  4. For me it will be out of the following:HoltSmithForsterIll probably go with Holt
  5. You mentioned the BBC predictor. I did this before and did every score until end of season and this is what i got:[URL=http://img413.imageshack.us/i/prediction.jpg/][IMG]http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/7599/prediction.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Pretty close hey! Its not over yet
  6. I would be very happy with a draw, but i am going with 1 - 0 Norwich (Holt). Will be a very tough game.I 95% agree with CityAngel in the changes. I would replace Martin with Elliot. I have been to the last 3 games (Oldham, Yoevil, Huddersfield) and Martin has looked more lathargic each time. Dont get me wrong, he has been phenominal for us all season and i highly rate him, but i think this change would give him a bit of a rest as well as a bit of a kick up the arse. Elliot scoring a couple is kind of a catalyst too! Still if Martin starts i hope he proves me wrong! I would edge towards bringing Drury off the bench and ease him back in? as i know he played 70 mins midweek. Although i see Drury as much stronger than Rose, Rose is still capable and i thought the NOTW rating of 4 for him against Huddersfield was a bit harsh! I would be tempted to start macnamee against his old club, but i dont think i would.Come on City!
  7. Yes thats spot on mate. We were going to lose at some point. Will be interesting to see our bouncebackability!On the plus side this was a nice goal - and a nice view whoever uploaded the video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sffpvq01-VM Martins got tekkers!
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