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  1. [quote user="ur just a man in a jacket"]Green is rude has no personality and surprised he even has any friends. Met him a few times and he is one smug c unt[/quote]He also told his then girlfriend (whom I know) "I''d rather stick needles in my eyes than play for Norwich" she also said he was a nice guy, but really boring....
  2. yes, thanks guys for clearing that up, north stand otherwise known as the city stand.
  3. McNally said that we will extend the seating if we stay up, that will probably be the north stand and snakepit. Will be interesting to see where put the season ticket holders while the work is being carried out
  4. Can''t believe no one has bid on this, so I thought I''d "kick it off"
  5. Nothing will be confirmed until someone see''s him in ADSA, we all know this......
  6. Transfer talk isn''t what the OP had in mind.I think the OP was insinuating that the fans will single a player out as some did with the Doc and R martin (in the beginning) and who that player may be......
  7. [quote user="newyorkcanary"]Well Robert Green letting in a tame shot to hand Wigan the win probably dropped his price a bit. Not sure Green would be my 1st choice. I''d take Forster over Green any day of the week. We do need a 2nd keeper. Bring one in and let the best man win.[/quote]Green once said "I''d rather stick needles in my eyes than play for Norwich"I have a packet here now if indeed he''d like to back that up.....
  8. I have a sneaky feeling the verdict will be announced tomorrow morning. "Taxi to Norwich?!?!?!"
  9. The mayor of Norwich said on the radio lastnight that he would do everything within his power to make it happen
  10. Was he with his wife? If so did you slap her, if not why not?
  11. http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/62947/1/watch-cardiff-city-vs-middlesbrough.html
  12. If you ever get the urge to start another threadPlease don''t.......
  13. Please excuse the spelling errors, just replying to one makes my mind go numb.....
  14. You are indeed complete accurate in your appraisal. I therefore sincerely apologise for giving them an once of credit more than they deserve.
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