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  1. http://www.facebook.com/events/153951391411056/ have a look at this . think we should make an effort tomorrow . being on tv would show how we all should feel !!!!
  2. have been phoned on a couple of occasions asking if i wanted season tickets for next year as i am at the the top of the waiting list . This would be ok if i was on the waiting list and as i''ve had my tickets for the past few years . have asked them to sort it and then i get another phone call about the same thing . Bloody shambolic was my answer . Am waiting for the phone call which says there is a problem with my season ticket renewal . It''s bound to come !!!!
  3. would have thought he would be No 3 . only because if they are letting him get married when England are playing surely that says the lot !!!! Hope they dont fuck him up like they did Green when he was at Norwich . Always felt he came back from England Duties looking bloody awful
  4. as i said earlier we will see .. smug smug smug
  5. News from Colney this morning . Not confirmed but Snodgrass has signed but we have to wait until the transfer window opens . No doubt i will get some sort of stick for this post (bullshit etc). We will see in time . When he is unveiled i will be very smug.
  6. they have done it for every away game they have lost this season !!
  7. Anyone who had paid the full price had their refunds yet !!!
  8. If any of you fellow yella''s are staying in liverpool after the Blackburn game and want to have a good night listening to live music. Pop along to the Kazimier club to see the excellent Ian Prowse(Amsterdam) . Can guarantee a heavy nights drinking and a bloody good time OTBC
  9. not moaning about it from the anonymity of a computer keyboard . Have also made my feelings known in the ground . Yes everyone has a right to moan but behave, look what we have achieved this season! And the point i was making is that the chap moans every game and has done for the past two seasons .
  10. Could the bloke who sits in the Jarrold Block j Row ll seat no 89 please F off and the two old chaps who sat 2 rows infront of him today do the same . had enough of the whining . TY
  11. i have sons who are yellow through and through . one of them queued all night for wolves away play off game . i knew then he was devoted . the younger one came home from school on day and said he was going to be a Man U fan to which the answer was fine BUT i wont be taking you to any football if you want to watch live football you''re welcome to join me at Carrow road.they have both turned out to be proper fans. also half of these boys and girls who support the so called glamour clubs have never been or only the once or twice to the grounds of there so called teams. i''m sure most of them think old trafford is 40" big (tv size dependent ) and Mr Rooney is inches high . bring them up to support your local team and they feel part of it OTBC
  12. I''m betting he caught the postman in bed with his missus !!!!!
  13. True everyone has different opinions but i think some people would rather see the club struggling again and the players turning up and not giving a dam(Roeder era ) all i''m saying is why slate players ,get behind them ffs !!!
  14. HoltsDerbydayhattrick i totally agree .What block in the Jarrold because i''m in the Jarrold also and i''m starting to get totally pissed of with it, so much that it takes some enjoyment away from the game . bloke behind me moans constantly and then leaves before the end (how many goals he has missed!!) glad i''m not the only one who has noticed Morison hasn''t changed his game all season
  15. why can''t people(so called fans) get of Morison''s back His style of play hasn''t changed all season so why the criticism now i can''t understand !!! He is this years scapegoat i believe . Can''t we just support our team and get behind them for the whole game . PS if the twat behind me doesn''t shut up about Morison i swear i''m going to hit him . OTBC
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