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  1. [quote user="NCFCWebbo"]Yeah, and all the interest has been generated by them. For me, another important game, same as Wycombe, same as Exeter.[/quote] Exactly, 3 points available and that''s it. I''m not convinced this game will have a tremendous impact on the end of season placings. Win, lose or draw we are going up....
  2. I''m not buying anything within a 50 mile radius - you can''t be too careful!
  3. I work just outside Plymouth and with a lot of Green Army - no mention of this rumour at all. It is simply untrue. Nuff said (another name check for you!)
  4. It is Devon for me. Missed three games home or away so far this season. Ironically one was Yeovil away which is my second closest match this season - made it to the cup game but was ill when the league game came around. Always head up on Friday evening for home games and back Saturday night (usually home in time for thr Football League Show! Travailler
  5. I''m travelled up last night from Devon (my usual home game routine) and had no probs but I''m feeling nervous today that the Council may say the streets aren''t safe. Fingers crossed!
  6. [quote user="pennywise "]about 3,000 for me and 1,000 reserve and youth games [;)][/quote] Wow that means pretty much every game homa and away for close on 60 years! That takes some doing...
  7. I have no idea really but a hell of a lot is all I can say. A regular since 1964 and since 1971 home and away. Still travelling still hopeful....
  8. I thought he did OK really. We were un der a lot of pressue first 45 and he did his share to keep it at 0-0
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