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  1. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]Jas makes himself look like a d 1ck again, shocker! [/quote] ^^^^^^^ THIS
  2. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]the confidence will be high for Tuesday... been a while since we gave someone a Twa*ting.. West Ham worried?[/quote] You are easily excitable aren''t you? Like a toddler. Great point. But a point based upon negativity. Against Man City that''s understandable. And credit to the players for holding out. But most of us know that negativity is Hughton''s only approach. To every game. And that''s why we aren''t scoring. And why we aren''t winning. And why we certainly won''t be worrying West Ham. Once again - great point. But look at the wider picture - two points above the drop zone. No goals being scored. Woeful goal difference. We actually dropped a place today (and no Im not suggesting that it was going to be any other way today). It is only going one way. Down.
  3. Sunderland, West Brom and Fulham will all lose in midweek, so Hughton needs to set us up to properly attack West Ham. Great chance for a bit of breathing space.
  4. Many fans know better than you Morty. That''s for sure. You''ll see come May.
  5. Jas'' only point is to always defend Hughton. Regardless of whether that defence is correct or logical.
  6. I thought the title was going to lead to a post admitting that you are Delia.
  7. Jas - lets put it like this - they are same points as us this season, with a +12 better goal difference. Similar enough. But I would rather watch their style of football. Also, will we win a cup under Hughton? Never. Laudrup every day of the week for me over Hughton.
  8. Laudrup would be far better at getting us playing the attacking style that would suit our squad far better than Hughton''s negativity. Hughton out, Laudrup in. Assuming he would even come here.
  9. But I''m more afraid that he''ll still be in charge for the West Ham game. And more after that.
  10. I''m afraid that the board won''t sack Hughton. Despite yet another loss, and a heavy one at that.
  11. Yeah. And some, and there''s no need to mention names, will have a cardiac when we go down and they realise that beloved Chris isn''t worth the worship and defence they''ve been giving him.
  12. LDC, it does indeed (and I personally cannot understand it) seem that the board are unlikely to get rid of Hughton this season. And bar relegation they may even keep him in charge next season. I could even foresee a relegation and them still keeping him in employment. However, if we hit that bottom three, I would like to think that the fans, as a collective, can get rid of Calamity Chris. I truly believe there are better Managers out there that would give us a better chance of not only surviving this season, but pushing onwards next. And most importantly of all - with the right mindset on the pitch. Hughton is not only tactically inept, but it is so so boring to watch.
  13. Your seemingly blindside when you quipped about how poorly Swansea were doing. Seemed that you were suggesting that Laudrup wouldnt therefore be a better alternative to Hughton. Added to the rest of your love-in defences of dear Chris at any given opportunity then it is a reasonable conclusion to have drawn is it not?
  14. If we drop into the bottom three this weekend do you think the board will sack Hughton? I interpreted McNally''s Radio Norfolk statement about keeping out of the bottom three as meaning that even if we drop in to the relegation places then he''ll probably get the chance to get us out of it. Again my interpretation, but I''m sure it means until the end of the season. Sadly.
  15. LDC would rather watch the football of Hughton than Laudrup. Says all you need to know about him.
  16. Uwe Rosler. He will be the next manager from Championship level who goes on to prove himself in the top flight. Some won''t agree, others will. But he''ll be the perfect attack minded manager for the championship next season. In reality that''s where we''ll be, as this board won''t sack Hughton until after relegation
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