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  1. In the unlikely event that we stayed up: Lennon to us. Lambert to Celtic. Moyes to Villa.
  2. We''ll be beat by a clear two goal margin, at least. This board gets more unrealistic every day.
  3. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"][quote user="dean"]We were going to lose regardless of today''s decision. Arsenal is our only real remaining chance of points.[/quote] while todays announcement does go against us and just because the aggregate score from the last 4 visits is 12-1 from 4 defeats, there is no need to hang out the white flag just yet and still everything to play for. I travel on Sat hopeful of another spirited display from city, together with fewer mistakes, a little more quality, seasoned with a sprinkling of lady luck and who knows what can happen. [/quote] My fingers are genuinely crossed for you. I hope they do you proud for making the journey. They''ll certainly play with a more spirited and attacking ethos than had Hughton been in charge. I''ll still be putting Utd in my accumulator.
  4. Moyes will certainly not want to be managing a Championship club. And that''s what we will be next season. So regardless of the merits of the OP''s suggestion (personally I see more bad an good when it comes to Moyes), it''s irrelevant.
  5. We were going to lose regardless of today''s decision. Arsenal is our only real remaining chance of points.
  6. [quote user="lake district canary"]No way. We are little Norwich and don''t deserve any points in the last three games. We are much better going behind and then we can cheer our gallant heroes to another failed comeback and a glorious defeat. That way at least we can say we have got our club back.....[/quote] Because Hughton would have taken points off Fulham and Liverpool yeah Lakey!? Like hell would he. I can''t wait for Hughton to be employed, just so you can s0d off and support another club.
  7. Close. But It''s actually my love child from my fling with Jenkins'' mother. As much as I told her to let the kid make his own decisions, she insisted on him supporting her family team. As a result I haven''t spoken to him in years. I still see her, but only because she wears nothing when we meet and doesn''t mention the binners. He was a lost cause long ago. Much like her son, Jenkins.
  8. Oh Jenkins, your mum really won''t be happy to hear you''ve been talking to strangers again.
  9. Hughton for United. At least then Lakey wouldn''t have so far to travel to support his messiah.
  10. Jas looking for Hughton football mark two. He doesn''t care for entertainment or an enjoyable Saturday afternoon. Perhaps Allardyce or Malky are also on his list.
  11. How''s your mum today, Jenkins? She seemed a bit upset when I kicked her out last night.
  12. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]probably going to end up looking a twit but..... United are due a hammering...Moyes under pressure and a squad who look like they have given up.... its probably our last chance and we will go to old trafford with Nothing to lose.... man utd 0 - 3 Norwich....[/quote] Your undying support for Hughton already made you look a twit, so I wouldn''t worry about that if I were you.
  13. I don''t question his effort. But he is certainly too weak for this league. And his finishing isn''t up to scratch. That header being a prime example. To his credit his movement is good though and he does get on the end of these chances. But sadly he misses them. I see no better option than him from the bench though.
  14. We have zero chance of getting anything other than beaten. Let''s be hopeful, but let''s not be unrealistic.
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