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  1. Exactly, if we play it out from the back and use the pace up front then we should hopefully open them up a bit and bang a couple in. An early goal, being eventual 2-1 victors I will say.
  2. GUcanary

    Captain for the next 3 games

    Great shout! Lappin loves it doesn''t he! It''s superb to see the passion when he goes mental every time we bang in!
  3. GUcanary

    whos going to the brighton game?

    Same here! great to see group 4 succeed in a ballot! Let''s hope for good weather being uncovered seating!
  4. GUcanary

    Captain for the next 3 games

    Without doubt! He''ll celebrate the captaincy by banging in again too!
  5. GUcanary

    trains from walsall

    It shouldn''t really be a problem due to the Bescot station being right next door to the ground, so we should have a comfortable 10mins from full time to get out of te ground and to the station, no sweat!
  6. GUcanary

    Brentford - No pushover

    Yes, this may well be tough and yes they did beat us (it was a torrid 90mins to stand through), but Lambert doesn''t consider complacency a friend and so will never let the players get carried away. You hear

    this with every interview any of the players do, they constantly talk

    of Lambert''s managerial style and how he drills things into the

    players, so yes it will be a professional performance yet again at

    Carrow. If we played them away at this moment in time we would win and

    win well I would suspect, so saturday at home with another rocking

    crowd should be another pleasing day''s work.
  7. If they are, where are these streamed live?
  8. That''s all true, but our away form is now solid too remember! Col U''s home form was impressive and we rolled them over, so as long as we have another assured start to the game I can see us containing The Lions! A repeat of Boxing Day would be sweet.
  9. Looks like we''ll be staying dry on the terrace on Saturday!

  10. GUcanary

    Should we play Holt in JPT?

    We not only need him to play for his goals but for his captaincy, Martin and Cody will be far too light weight against their centre halves and could be pushed off the ball too easily. Southampton are too good not to observe that Wes only has a left foot and they can mark him out of the game by forcing him on to his right foot, so we won''t need him that night. Let''s give them something to htink about and have some battlers in the middle, so too some width preferably!We can easily do them over at their place, with some HOlty magic and leadership early doors he can be taken off early in the 2nd half.
  11. Exactly, I''m sure all of us ex-pats here in the South East will make it down, I thought all of us were swept away by JPT fever?! Lambert is seemingly keen to win this and give us all a day out at Wembley and so I hope, like me, we''re all keen for the same!