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  1. [quote user="bread1"]Hey sad git go walk your dog order a chip buttie and bugger off you sad yorkshire pudding weeds git ,hey and speak ENGLISH  you a inbread sounds you EssexWhite wear short skirt & high heels[/quote] Impressive how much hypocracy you''ve managed to fit into that (lossely taged) sentence. Telling someone else to speak English in a ramble which could have been mistaken for cave daubings? You are the paradigm of "inbread"  
  2. I''m going... on my own I don''t know any of you lot but I''ll say hello
  3. By no means the best but I did used to love watching Keith O''Neill until he hit the booze and it hit him back
  4. The trouble is that no-one (with perhaps a few exceptions...) is paid for how good they are at their job, or even how valuable their job is to society. You may be paid more in your team / company depanding on how you rank against other team members (although probably not), but on a wider scale that''s not the case. In truth, as unfortunate as it may be, we are paid according to how much money we are financially worth in what we do - that is to say how much we can either make or save for someone else
  5. I think Lambert would be there with us if that was the case. I''m willing to stick my neck out and say this isn''t happening
  6. will do, doubt they''d have time to wrap up her personal terms in 7 hours though - she''s a pretty demanding old girl from what I remember
  7. [quote user="Yarmyed"]If Millwall did Leeds over again in the playoffs. We can only hope![/quote] All the Leeds fans up here are becoming extremely concerned about just that, or worse (for them at least...), Huddersfield!! That has got to be the FA and the police''s worst nightmare, Leeds in the playoff with a 2 from 3 chance of drawing Huddersfield or Millwall. Either way, the concensus here is that they would not fancy taking either
  8. Very true - and his opinion is, and has been, shared for many of the Leeds fan up here all season... good as he can be, I''d sooner have somebody like Holt in our side who will show up every time he''s there. That said, him not performing for them makes it much easier for teams to get at them and take points because without Becchio firing like last year everything goes through him
  9. [quote user="Beds Canary"] [quote user="beasto"]Just to put it in perspective, I can''t even get that on Football Manager - and that includes switching it off when I lose[/quote] ^ I thought this was a great post - very funny. (I think you just embarrassed the poster who responded because he didn''t get it) [/quote] Thanks... maybe I''ll pick up my bottom lip and continue posting after all [:)]
  10. Ha no worries, well yeah I guess it was too early in the a.m. for me to be trying to be humorous. Ignore anything pre-lunchtime in future [;)]
  11. [quote user="AndyWhyteUK"][quote user="beasto"]Just to put it in perspective, I can''t even get that on Football Manager - and that includes switching it off when I lose[/quote] I can''t get that on FIFA on amateur mode - and that includes switching teams when I''m losing and letting NCFC score. [/quote] More like it... I appreciate you getting my point and answering without trying to belittle me... and no I can''t either, although I still have Maric up front which may be slowing me down
  12. Thought we were a friendly club? What''s with the gang rape? I''m pretty sure I commented on how good our form was and next thing I know I''ve invited a load of virtual men to posture in front of me
  13. [quote] He''s unable to separate reality from virtual reality. [/quote] I was fully expecting to be slated for everything I write on here until I get my post count into treble figures and join the elite in the so-called ''reality'' you so enjoy. Give it a rest
  14. [quote] Nothing to do with etiquette. I suggest that you look up the term "put into perspective" and see how it relates to your post (given that none of us know how good you are at FM). [/quote] 2. measured assessment of situation: a measured or objective assessment of a situation, giving all elements their comparative importance Statistics on their own have a danger of being taken ''out of context''. Therefore my comparison of our form with that which I can only achieve on a game, by cheating, offers a measured assessment of the situation, i.e. that it is very difficult to achieve said electrifying form. But then I was being light hearted and I didn''t really want to have to go into detail at that time in the morning
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