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  1. Who will be watching? What will be the best result for us? if either team win they will go above us....im hoping for a draw.
  2. I would rather have points on the table than games in hand.
  3. I dont get what some peoples problem is? Honestly, where did people expect the club in terms of league position at this stage of the season? mid-table at best? whats been achieved so far is beyond what anyone asociated with the club would have thought! quotes like "play-offs at best" so what? if we finish within the playoffs it would have been one hell off a season....far better than any season for many years. I honestly think we will finish somwhere in the top 6 weather its auto or the more likely play off position, nothing can be taken away from what has been achieved so far!
  4. What with all the negitivity on here? Januarys been a fairly good month for the club both on and off the pitch. We''ve learned that Lambert is commited to the cause. We''ve signed decent players to provide compition for places. We have a great team moral as results have shown only losing once in 6 games and to top it off we are 2nd in the league! Yes, It would have been nice too see somone sign tonight but we all know Lambert likes to do his buisness early in the window. So i didnt expect to see anything. Everyone seems to be sh*tting themselves over letting Nelson go. Nelson may have wanted out, he is out of contract in the summer and as in PL statement Nelson obvously wanted the best for his family. Now can everyone put all this cr*p behind them and get behind the lads for the game tomorow!
  5. Its a shame to see a play who came through the academy leave us. But i dont get why everyone is comparing Spillane and R. Martin? Spillane is''nt even a right back! Martins stronges position IS at right back, Spillane is a central player who''s strongest position is at either CB or CM. You cant really compare the two. I do agree that a right sided defender is needed as it is probably one of our weakest positions (due to the number of players we have that actually play there) but last year i did''nt see anything that made me doubt the ability of Martin, i agree he didnt really do anything to stand out. But then again Drury didnt do anything to stand out, they are just two very consistant players which is what you want from your full backs.
  6. "Michael Owen" I think someone with the same playing style as him would be perfect! Owen may find it hard to get many game for Man U this coming season....maybe a loan deal? ;) If only!
  7. Pacey Striker for me. I would say Holt and Martin are quite simular players (Obviously Holt wins more in the air) both lack pace BUT are excellent finishes. We need a small ''nippy'' number 10 syle player who runs all game long, gets in behind the defence and gets on the end of knock ons Although some may argue we have this type of player in Johnson or McDonald. IMO i see Johnson as more of a playmaker (Simular to Hoolahan) move than an out and out striker. I dont think McDonald had the needed experience so unfortunatly he could see himself down the pecking order.
  8. Just watched the video....looks as if he has the same style of play as Rob Earnshaw! if the move was to happen, it would be good to see how he would fit in along side Holty (who was the type of player we were missing when Earnshaw was here)
  9. Ah....I remember starting this thread! Reading back its suprising how many would have prefered Bishop to Holt.....So what does everyone think now? lol
  10. And just to add.....i''v been a season ticket holder for about 6 years now.
  11. Born in Norwich. Although my parents arnt that interested in football, my Nan is a lifelong City fan. She brought me to my first game when i was about 8 years old, been hooked ever since.
  12. Can someone help me..... Why wont the quotations work? Thanks in advance.
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