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  1. Bing Bang

    Cup Team

    completely agree with this
  2. what a goon ^^^^^^^^^^^ I''m a norwich fan so that comment is pretty invalid.
  3. give it 3 more games and things could be really bad
  4. Bing Bang

    Cannot put my finger on what is wrong.

    Playing 1 up front for 80 minutes can''t help
  5. Bing Bang


    someone tell me this isn''t a serious post please
  6. Bing Bang

    Mark Bunn - International?

    those of us who actually understand the game know this was a very decent siging
  7. Bing Bang

    Our most expensive flops.

    [quote user="Pabs"]Most of our expensive flops have ''flopped'' due to injury.  Thinking back, didn''t Matthew Rush cost about £1m, played once and never again?  What about Neil Emblem?  Was signed with great fanfare and then spent alot of time with Tim Shepherd!Now, I am thinking about James Vaughan.  I know he hasn''t left yet, but 2.5 million for an injury prone striker was always a huge risk!  


    Not sure it was 2.5 million. think it was more 1mill with add-ons based on appearances etc. Could still come good that one.
  8. Bing Bang

    Fifa 13

    its all about football manager 2013
  9. we''re not getting another striker in........... Get over it!!
  10. Bing Bang

    Poking around in the bargain basement...

    tell us something we dont know
  11. Bing Bang

    Our strike force in comparison.

    well if thats the case you can add our wingers like snodgrss and pilkington.
  12. Bing Bang

    Frazier Campbell

    his injury record is not much better
  13. Bing Bang

    Mark Bunn signs from Blackburn

    Can''t actually believe some of you are having the arguement you are on this thread.

    Are 95% of you complete mongos.

    We have just signed some very decent competition for Ruddy. We have also free''d up the chance for Rudd and Steer to go out on loan with at least one of them on an emergency re-call clause. Therefore giving them the chance to continue their devolopment as goalkeepers which was badly stalling. SURELY ALL THIS IS A MASSIVE POSITIVE!!!!!

  14. Bing Bang

    Jacob Butterfield

    don''t expect too much too soon, he''s been out for about half a season if not more and is stepping up a level
  15. Bing Bang

    Increased bid for Bunn apparently

    Isn''t Bunn that keeper who that stormer at Anfield that time? pulled off several world class saves if that was him.

    I don''t why some of you lot rate Decs and Jed so highly. They both desperately need to get game time and that clearly won''t happen here for the time being. They have both looked ok in the short appearances they have had but some of you go on like we have the next joe hart or peter schmeichel(that probably is not spelt correctly).

    There potential is being ruined sitting on the bench week in week out.

    This would be good move by Hughton