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  1. It has nothing to do with the status o fthe club whatsoever. All down to hard, cold cash. If Swansea, Merthyr Tydfil or Barry Island U11s have deeper pockets then that''s where our lad will wash up. Loyalty is only an afflictio affecting fans. Players and managers have no qualms about jumping ship to make a few quid more
  2. Doesn''t make a lot of sense though does it? We shoot managers? Unless you are an avid fan of Colombian football
  3. "We shoot burglars" simply doesn''t scan as well as "We shoot burg-ger-lars". Adding that extra syllable makes all the difference! Tony Martin is our friend.......
  4. We don''t need no education! Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone!
  5. Part of the failed regime. Why would Lambert want him hanging round like a bad smell? Off to Austravel and book a one way ticket Chippy. Cheerio
  6. You seem to be fixated with mortaltiy, shuffling off this mortal coil, old chap. Strangely, a topic I never mentioned or aluded to. Still it takes all sorts, eh?
  7. If you will fritter that pension away on clove balls, scratch cards and second hand copies of "Readers'' Wives", you''ve only got yourself to blame.
  8. Let it all out, you''ll feel better for it. Now, tell me about your childhood.....
  9. Calls himself a manger? He can only dream of my shiny suit/Dame Edna specs/massive gut/blotchy face combo. How did that song go? "We''ll never play you again.." He he!
  10. Oh hello, just back from doing my bit for the poor and needy. I''d like to say I''m full of remorse and contrition, but unfortunately I''m not. Case of doling it out but not being able to take it Arthor old boy. I''d have a look back through some of the statements you''ve made about board members past and present before you get too high on the pedestal of moral indignation. Have a nice day (PS we don''t play at the Nest anymore so be careful  where you go demonstrating!)
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