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Youll never beat us again

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  1. [quote user="jibbajabba"]I''ve read plenty of posts from City fans now relishing the new hard edged Norwich City, to know that the way you went about getting Lambert was something of a departure for the club. It''s true that the final nail of noble conduct within football was firmly in place before Lambert happened, but Norwich have always been seen as a nice club - with a moniker like Googler perhaps you could try '' "I hate Norwich City" - Ipswich '' into their engine and marvel at the three results from the entire interweb it feeds back to you. that chum is perhaps why your friend, perhaps naively, thought that you wouldn''t do this sort of thing - me, I''m not surprised at all, it is as you say typical behaviour of any club these days - especially one that has fallen so far, so rapidly. Now, I don''t expect or want Norwich fans to have any respect or feel anything for my beloved club, although when you did beat us five - one, the relish with which your fans were singing "we''ll never play you again" and the constant "you mean nothing to us" does seem redolent of Dustin Hoffman assuring the world that he is in fact "a good driver". Anyway, you mean something to me, I''ve enjoyed many an opportunity to cheer you on in my local pub on old farm derby day, pretty much just to annoy the binners that plague my corner of North East Essex (Harwich), but also because you have been a non offensive club from a nice part of the country, but now, you also mean my best ever away day - something I will never forget, as we in turn represent your club''s worse ever home defeat - something you will try to forget. But please, try to remember how you or others around you felt when Walker went to Everton and accept that there are just a few Colchester fans who are right now, angry enough to say things that soon enough will wish had gone unsaid.[/quote]Great post Jibba Jabba, banter aside sums up my feelings!The "We''ll never play you again" & especially "You mean nothing to us" reminds us of Ipswich supporters.
  2. It''s getting further and further, watch out, you''re only 60 miles further, you''re not safe in the long-ter
  3. [quote user="cosmos67"]    Watch it mate only thing we''ll be doing is ramming our shotguns up your arse and shooting you back to essex. immature banter, is this what you resort to now, face it, Lambert said himself '' I couldn''t turn down the oppurtunity to manage Norwich, they are just a massive club'' and that was even after to beat us 7-1. And just for the recored, your a small shitty little town in essex full of pikeys and slags, and you really think we give a damn about you, you will never be as big as us, you will never get crowds like we do, and last but not least we will never ever ever ever ever look at the fixture with you in the same amount of relevance as we do we ipswich!   You are nothing! [/quote]Banter is banter, don''t get your knickers in a twist.Pikeys & slags - Are you confusing us with Southend? - Not sure a county of inward looking people have the best sense of geography but there is a vast difference between North & South Essex. we will never ever ever ever ever look at the fixture with you in the same amount of relevance as we do we ipswich either, but there is nothing wrong with being our 4th biggest rivals this season is there?
  4. [quote user="Jumpers for Goalposts"]If you weren''t unhappy that Lambert had left you wouldn''t be posting on here would you? Colchester supporters weren''t quite so critical when he kept your c***** little club in league one last season. Must be embarrassing to be top of the league and lose your management team to a club that''s second bottom![/quote]Almost as embarrassing as being 22 places below a team that averages 4,300 home fans, finishing below them in 2006-2007 & getting beat 7-1 by them
  5. haha fair enough, had we realised the future events we could have borrowed your shotguns at half time as you were running away from your seats.
  6. I thought you guys couldn''t read or write up there.Now that I know you can spell check, how about a response? ;)
  7. [quote user="Big Dog "]  Run along now little Col U. Our feeder club. [/quote]I hope you like eating sh*t ;)
  8. [quote user="Lord Flashheart"]You''re from Essex. You probably nicked yours. We only nick managers around here.[/quote]Don''t you shoot burglars?
  9. There may have been a bit of a falling out, but just remember there are more important things in life.Like hating Ipswich!
  10. [quote user="Bury Green"][quote user="Essex_boi"] [quote user="Jonnypncfc"]wow essex boi! you are brilliant! btw if you hadn''t guess i was taking the pi55![/quote]   Aw cheers mate! I''m here all week. [/quote] You must be off to collect your cheque tomorrow though?     [/quote]Do you still get paid by cheque in Naaaaaaaaarfuck?
  11. [quote user="danny boy"]Look at your attendances for last season "dude" 5560 v Norwich at Cockoo Farm 25215 at Carrow Road Says it all.....bye, bye[/quote]Where you in division 3 last season? Could have sworn you''d never play us again 2 seasons ago.
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