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  1. Probably still only good enough for mid table obscurity or relegation (in some peoples view of course!!) Wait for the, "x will be sold and not replaced, x will be swapped for an over the hill player" blah blah blah"!
  2. Good signing for me, especially at this level. Just need to get a keeper and a winger and I think we''re not a million miles from a good squad Not many starting 11''s would be better than this: in this division                               New Keeper Semmy       Doc       Stefanovic/Nelson         Drury New Winger     Clingan     Tudor-Jones     Hoolahan                   Lee        McDonald With a bench of: Gill, Patty, Cureton, Spillane, Martin, Smith, Rudd
  3. What a suprise............he couldn''t help himself could he! Good work Smudger, as if they wanted someone to prove the point, you just couldn''t resist could ya!
  4. We all know where we are, doesn''t take you to tell us! You didn''t answer the question though, if you are proved wrong what will you do. Where do you think this club would have been had she not got involved, I don''t have a crystal ball and neither do you, but when she put her cash in were in the deep sh1t, no-one can dispute that as it''s been recorded on numerous occasions, appreciate that everyone runs their course, but you and others seem to think that there is some rich billionaire out there just desperate to pump loads of cash in, this is Norwich mate, little leafy Norwich, no-one wants to come here for business reasons!
  5. Oh please don''t, some on here will think you''re being serious!
  6. Why does everyone entertain Smudger, we all know he talks nonsense! The way he talks you would think that he personally knows the new board members, that he is in charge of the finances of the club and also involved in the players that we should and do buy! I have never read so much drivel from an attention seeker in all my life. He asks if the "pro-boarders" will admit that they were wrong when we''re going down the league and heading for League 2, wonder if we will see him admitting that he''s wrong, or better still do one! I personally (my view Smudger) and one which I am entitled to, is that this is progress and a step in the right direction, I for one and prepared to sit and wait to see, if not then I will probably have a different view, but that it my choice and my choice alone, I don''t need an armchair fan to tell me what I should and shouldn''t do!
  7. There seems to be a lot of posters on here who have already written off our chances of achieving anything next season, the squads not good enough, the manager is rubbish, the board will never find anyone to invest, at what point do we believe that they have a point and at which point should they allow the calendar to get to before ranting on. Clearly I''m not gonna name names, I only asked a question about a certain poster and got accused of being a "fool", a "delia worshipper" and got told that I had been slagging people off by fellow "doom-merchants" so I''ll leave it as a lot of posters!! This is a simple question and not supposed to cause aggression or abuse. I for one am prepared to give Gunny the time to bring some players in, we haven''t started pre-season training yet, so there is still plenty of time. I personally (my view only) that we aren''t in too bad a shape and only really need a goalkeeper and a big centre forward as a must, with the addition of some wide-men. What does everyone else think?
  8. In the top 2, I think we''ll see the best of Cody McDonald, proper pre-season and based on what we saw of him last year, I''d be suprised if he''s not the 20 goal marksman we''ve been crying out for, the issue will be holding on to him!
  9. But what is he doing about it, I know that there won''t be a lot that he can physically do (unless he''s a secret billionaire - we can wish!) so therefore he needs to (and we need to help him) do something more positive about this situation, whatever that might be! I don''t have any answers, I am passionate and don''t always agree with some of the decisions that this club make, but lets not forget that a lot of stuff gets reported through the press so we get half a story at best and even that will be made to sound worse (or better) that it actually is! Don''t the club have forums with selected supporter group, lets get Smudger on one of these and get him to channel his thoughts constructively, suspect if he did do this people like me wouldn''t have created this image of him being aggresive to those that don''t share his views. There''s an MP position going in North Norwich.............
  10. I''m really not having a go at him, guess I''m wondering why someone which so much to say and so much "passion" for things isn''t doing more about it in a positive way, we can all have a moan on here but if he feels that strongly about stuff, get yourself on one of the support groups and make something good from all of this pent up frustrations (was gonna use the word aggression again but don''t want to get accused of slagging him off again!)
  11. I don''t recall slagging anyone off, I asked a question, from my limited knowledge of the english language, I wasn''t aware that asking why someone was aggresive could be deemed to be slagging someone off? As i put, I''m new to it, he seems to get a lot of stick for his views and having read a lot of his views, they can be perceived as being aggresive, if it''s passion then why does he not channel that in a different way and join us 25k delia worshippers at Carrow Road on a saturday and put that passion across by singing his heart out for the team. You only get out what you put into life...............nothing more, nothing less!!
  12. Boring but probably logical! I hadn''t really read too much into it, just thought I would post a "real" sighting and usually someone on here claims to know what''s going on!
  13. probably..........still i guess that''s the point of a discussion forum, everyone has a different view of the world!!
  14. I haven''t had the pleasure, either of attaching my hands to his throat or had him abuse one my posts, I posted last week re the current squad and wondered why not, then I got told that my post was well thought and logical, seemingly this confuses him!
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