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  1. This forum software is awful. Coutinho is not a winger by any stretch of the imagination. He doesn''t play out wide at all. Weimann plays on the right side of a front three and is a striker being asked to play quite wide. He doesn''t occupy the same positions on the pitch as Pilkington AT ALL
  2. "Here''s the difference: left side of front three = winger. right side of front three = winger. Centre of front three = striker theo walcott = winger giroud = striker aaron lennon = winger jermaine defoe = striker coutinho = winger suarez = striker any questions? "
  3. [quote user="Paint Me Yellow"]Now I was ready to shout the OP down for being yet another one-post wonder, but then I saw the skybet odds plummet to pretty much dead cert...... [/quote] Just over evens is not a dead cert.
  4. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]The only manager to win Manager of the Season without winning any trophies was George Burnly with Ipswich when they finished 7th. [/quote] Ipswich finished 5th and Hodgson won it a couple of years ago without winning a trophy.
  5. Manager of the year usually goes to the league winner but if it didn''t this year I''d have Pardew, Redknapp, Rodgers and Lambert roughly on a par
  6. RANGERS CAN''T GUARANTEE HIM CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL Will people stop perpetuating this myth please? Since last season only the Scottish champions get to go into the qualifying rounds for the Champions League. 2nd place get the Europa League.
  7. [quote user="NWC"]Rangers must still be very appealing to a player: guarenteed silverwear, top wages and champion''s league football are 3 reasons that instantly spring to mind.[/quote] All 3 of those are rubbish. 1. Guaranteed silverware - I guess if you count their tinpot cups, but there''s no guarantee they''ll win the league this year or for the next couple. 2. Champions League football - only available for winning the league, which is more likely to be Celtic this year. 3. High wages - they can''t compete financially with premier league clubs.
  8. Brighton fans'' responses are pretty amusing. Particularly liked the "they should set up a direct debit" comment... http://www.northstandchat.com/showthread.php?225326-Norwich-amp-Swansea-Coming-in-for-Bridcutt
  9. I do feel as though we''re missing players in his and Lansbury''s ilk this season. It''s the one very minor criticism I have of our squad. Last season we had one of Hoolahan or Lansbury on the bench, both of whom are game changers, plus Pacheco who''s the same. Now when Hoolahan starts we don''t really have that, more often than not it''s been Bennett, who, to be fair, did make the difference vs Fulham. I don''t necessarily think Pacheco and Lansbury are the ones to do it but players of their ilk would really make the difference for us I feel.
  10. We may end up having to pay all three teams, Athletico and Rayo would probably be easily bought.
  11. from City1st... "From Lamberts words he is looking to bring in players that can slot straight in to the team if only to give others a rest. That is not any easy task to find players that cam make the step up almost instantly." I guess the easiest way to find those players is to look at the Championship for players with prem experience who are down there but are good enough. It''s a shame West Ham are looking likely to go up as they''d have been prime, a few may have wages as an issue though. I''m thinking people like Ambrose, Ridgewell, Noble, Tomkins, Kitson, Colison Lawrence, Carr, Curtis Davies etc. Not saying we should sign all of those but I reckon they''re the most realistic types of people.
  12. Wigan have been playing 3 at the back for weeks tbf.
  13. [quote user="Mason 47"]Sky Sports Rumour Room (super-reliable, I know) has something on us trying to snatch Lucas Barrios from Dortmund. Not much to go on but there''s been a severe lack in random rumours so far this window, it doesn''t feel right.[/quote] Haha Lucas Barrios was their top goalscorer last year when they won the title. Would be an amazing signing if we had a spare 15 million and 60k a week.
  14. Judging by this thread they''ve been playing him as a midfielder not a striker. I reckon if they stick him up top he''ll be good for them. http://www.cpfc.org/forums/showthread.php?t=227256&page=12
  15. Can''t believe this is difficult for people. Winning the greatest domestic cup competition in the world or finishing 17th in a league? FA cup every day of the week, We''ve barely won any silverware in our history, winning the FA cup would be a huge achievement and be remembered a lot longer than staying up.
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