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  1. I am a regular away day supporter that travels with club canary on coach three and have not been to a game yet where the steward has not told us where the coach is going to be at the end of the match. I think Sanders,the drivers,and our steward do a very good job.
  2. Gunny was a really good keeper at City but the one and only goalkeeping legend at Carrow road was Kevin Keelan without a shadow of doubt
  3. Matty Gill is absolutely woeful, it amazes me that after being taken off injured at Yeovil with the score 0 - 0 and replaced by Stephen Hughes we were transformed into a positive side and go on to win 4 - 0 , he is then put back in the team by Butterworth for the games at Exeter and Brentford. I believe this decision has cost City five valuable league points. Now we have a manager who knows a thing or two about football I am sure Hughes will become a regular in our side and performances will improve no end
  4. Fully agree with that statement, thought Nelson played well at Dartford but was a bit worried about his lack of pace. Wonder if Gunny is now considering playing Askou alongside Docs at the start of the season as reports on the tour of Scotland said players were getting past Nelson quite easily with pace. Docs is often critised by City fans for being out of position but if you watched most of our games you will have noticed he is always having to cover other defenders mistakes, should have been player of the year and think him and Askou would be a good partnership
  5. ,,  , Went to Dartford yesterday and I know it is early days,but we desparately need a right back. Otsemebor fell asleep yet again for darts 1st goal and I thought Drury struggled at left back, maybe Gunny will give Spillane a go at right back on the tour of Scotland. We also need a winger with pace, Neilson scored a cracker of a goal and did get some nice crosses in, maybe could be a squad member but would like to see someone with pace to burn as well. A new striker is needed, Maric looks quite promising from what I have seen on you tube lets hope he fills the void we have had at the club for the past 2 years.  Nelson did okay alongside Docs, won his fair share of headers and scored a good goal from a set peice,was caught out of position now and again covering Drury,think he will do alright for us although does seem one paced. Tudor Jones did not seem to do much for me yesterday, but it does take time to settle in and hope he proves to be a good aquisition to the team. Come on you yellas .
  6. If they had arranged to play at Ibrox or Palmerston Park I would have gone,by  the time some of you take to find out who plays at the second venue it might have stopped raining!! ps the scenery and haggis are great tho !
  7. Great letter Judge ,my thoughts entirely I have also claimed my rebate money back. Have spent a lot of money supporting City home and away over the years and will continue to do so even though i feel the board have learned no lessons from their mistakes by appointing Gunny as manager. When or if they appoint an experienced manager who knows what he is doing in the very near future the club can willingly have my rebate money back.
  8. Reacher says he is STILL having his rebate back and lo and behold is putting it towards a holiday in september, after all gunny been on holiday since Sunday 13th January . By the time I get back from holiday maybe the board and Gunny might realise what a mistake they have made. Even Rocky if he was still with us (true city supporter) would run our club better than our present board !!
  9. Sorry but the club will not be getting my rebate money,I think over the season I have spent enough of my hard earned cash watching City home and away. The club would have been given my money if the board had proved to me they had learned some lessons....but giving Gunny the job, I am not wasting anymore of my money.
  10. Yes he would do a terrific job for City in div 3 but dont know if we can afford him, the irony would be if Roeder or at the time player recruitment officer Gunn had got him this time last year to replace Dublin we would still be a championship side
  11. What an absolute disgrace not happy with relegating our club to league division one, our board give the managers job to Gunny, guess whats next  for the best supporters in the world being told we will go into administration. Then relegation to division two if we get that far before NorwichCity become defunct. Thanks board for not  learning any lessons from your many many mistakes and starting the procedure of killing our once great club. 
  12. What an absolute disgrace, not happy with relegating our club to league division one,Gunn appointed manager and guess whats next. Our board put us into administration, relegation to league two if we get that far and then kiss Norwich City goodbye as we become disfunct. Thank you very much for learning absolutely nothing from your many many mistakes and killing off our club. One absolutely distraught home and away supporter, actually after this rediculous board decision I will now be just a home supporter and will now want my season ticket rebate sent back to me. I would have let the club keep that if anybody else had been given the managers job but once again the club have cocked up BIG TIME.
  13. My thoughts entirely Spartan, I will also only waive my season ticket rebate if someone other than Gunny is installed as manager. The board have to listen to the fans and appoint an experienced manager, who knows about the lower leagues and will give us a chance of getting   ba ck to the championship next season. I think Jim Gannon would be a good choice and as was made redundant would not cost City anything. If an experienced manager is appointed, Iam sure all City fans will  unite and get right behind the team for the difficult season ahead. Keep with Gunny and the board will find next season that season ticket holders will be down to about 8,000 if they are lucky.
  14. 1. He has no managerial experience 2.He had 19 games in charge enough time to impress and came up way short. 3.He has no tactical knowledge, just look at the Charlton game , wrong team selection and it took him till we were 3 down to realise we needed to change things. I will not accept any excuses from the board or gunny, if they say it was not his team that got us relegated, do not forget he was in charge of player recruitment under Roeders reign. He is big friends with Sir Alex Ferguson, did we get any loans from Old Trafford during this time, no but Burnley and Stoke  managed to get Chris Eagles and Ryan Shawcross between them good job done there then. What hope have we got if the board give him the job of rebuilding the whole team, I wrote a letter to the EDP  which was not published, when they gave him the job till the end of the season saying the boards decision could relegate us to league division one and that an experienced manager would keep us up. I am a Home and Away supporter, and feel so strongly about this decision that if Gunny is given the job I am seriously considering not wasting my money travelling away next season, our fabulous supporters deserve better. If the board make another drastic decision we could easily be heading to league division two. PS Gunny is a lovely bloke, City legend and City thru and thru but not management material, please board do not put him and his family through hell.
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