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  1. I''m old enough to remember standing on the terraces and it was rubbish. I''ve no objection to the introduction of standing areas but suspect that once the novelty wears off most fans will opt for seating
  2. FFS! Actually there should be a cash prize on offer here. It''s as if they have deliberately altered the text to make it competitive. Perhaps there should be a tie breaker, complete the following "I think the daily mail is sh*te because...... (no more than 40,000 words).
  3. Chris Goreham introduces the event http://youtu.be/s0jIuOFdzm4 General flag waviness http://youtu.be/t8-5aHoSxCc Ian Culverhouse let''s be ''avin you http://youtu.be/g-vnkc25FaA Delia addresses the crowds http://youtu.be/gY4CSEteyfc Open top bus http://youtu.be/oV0ZYKuD1iM More open top bus http://youtu.be/nNDzpMz08Xk Lambert on the bus http://youtu.be/suYzLfKc4kk
  4. FFS what are you a vigilante? Do us all a favour: keep off the pitch, leave MK alone, just take the p155'' that''s fine.
  5. Can''t really be bothered tbh. Oh go on..... "She said no Marlon, she said nooo.."
  6. I took a few short vids of the post match celebrations on Monday and have uploaded them on yoo-toob. I am too stoopid to paste the links here (in working format) - can anyone advise me how to do this? If not the "raw" links are: We are Premier League: http://youtu.be/D1HdBPdOQXU We f*cking love Grant Holt http://youtu.be/RdV5H6PGB0A Ole Ole Ole http://youtu.be/5zKY9ooz4Cs Only one Paul Lambert http://youtu.be/Dwxi30kQOgw Lets be avin you http://youtu.be/pEJVShZunGI
  7. I was parked in the industrial estate on t''other side of the ground and had to walk through the Swans fans after the game. A couple of fans came up and shook my hand etc no trouble at all. Nice bunch. Also it was "we hate Cardiff scum" etc.
  8. Hucks, great report as usual but no mention of Tierney. I thought he had a cracking game yesterday. From the build up to the game I expected Pacheco to be similar to Wes but to be fair there was something of the Huckerby about him at times. El Hucks?
  9. Barney''n''Zak were really good yesterday albeit against a poor side. It was a bit like a training match for them - lots to deal with but nothing too difficult. Liked the way they worked well together - a real positive from the game.
  10. Love the quote on QPR site: "Connolly saw red for a professional foul early in the second half, but only after Grant Holy had cleverly handled the ball to get clear of the former Arsenal man." "Grant Holy!!
  11. Thanks all for your good wishes and especially to Hucks for his helping in making a really special day yesterday. There is a short article in the Norwich Evening News: http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/footballer_opens_special_norwich_charity_shop_1_717341#sharinganchor By the way, Hucks did make the tea!
  12. Reminder - If you are free on Wednesday morning, come along and meet Hucks at the "Close-links" Harford Manor School charity shop, St John''s Close, Norwich between 10:00 and 12:00.
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