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  1. I sat near the goal at the River end and trust me if it wasn''t for Foster it would have gone from a poor result to a god awful embarassing one! His one on one saves are superb, shame as said that we will most probably lose him, but Rudd will be up to scratch soon enough and then we have to hang onto him! also the lino....A total midget!
  2. [quote user="cityangel"] Well done The Chief, thats what this club is all about. Enjoy the game with your little one Cowboy. [/quote] Big thanks and shout out to Jim for the tickets.....top bloke! shame about the result....maybee i jinxed it :(
  3. Its ok its my Mums number, she enjoys strange men phoning up! lol
  4. Nice one, i really appreciate it! more than i can express :)
  5.   Let me know what you would like to do and what you would like for the tickets, if you want to call my number is 01502 730526 Mobile 07917076314. Thanks I really appreciate it!
  6. Its perfect fo me! just let me know the details
  7. I tried email and PM you but it failed!   Hopefully you get this!
  8. I have to go to the ground to get my money back, cant od it on the phone! I''d love to let him sit on my lap but they wont let me in with him without a ticket will they!
  9. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]I know it might sounds silly, but have you tried calling the ticket office to see if they have any tickets on the buy-back scheme?[/quote] Yeah, they have like 10 dotted around the ground, i need one in the snakepit near me for my son!
  10. Oh well, seems i cant get a ticket for love nor money for my son so i have a free ticket in the snakepit for anyone who wants it for tomorrows game! just im me with your email and i''ll give you the details!
  11. [quote user="pbtc"]Good plan banana. The only hitch being the ground is sold out. [/quote]   Exactly!  
  12. Anyone have on for saturday? or a ST holder who cant make it? i only get to see my son twice a year and he''s dying to come with me!
  13. I''ll pay 60 pounds if anyone is willing to give up a ticket!
  14. Where do you have to go to get a buy back?
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