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  1. It''s going to be a real tough call to pick a player of the year from this awful campaign but who would get your vote as things stand? Crofty''s had a good season and chipped in with some memorable goals (Scum and Sheff Utd at home) but it would have to be Clingan for me. He''s been the best of an average bunch but surely he won''t be here next season whatever division we''re in.    
  2. I can''t believe people are worried about the stock and staffing levels in the Canary Store! We are heading for League One, this is not the time to worry about off the pitch matters. It''s the Club worring about the Community etc, etc and forgeting the football that''s got us into this mess.
  3. The sooner people forget about Cullum the better. It ain''t going to happen. Move on!
  4. Well said LQ! All well and good people calling for Delia''s head but there has to be a replacement before any change can happen. Until then we must all back the boys in a bid to beat the drop.
  5. £490K to agents + loan fees to clubs and wages too! And nothing to show for it at the end. What''s that old saying "Fools and their money...."  
  6. Regardless of Doomcaster''s salary the biggest problem is the club worry too much about the community and their 20,000 season ticket holders than what''s going on out on the pitch.
  7. [quote user="james norwich"]As they will go down and save us for another season.ANO = Barnsley or Plymouth??[/quote]   Not so sure Barnsley and Plymouth are as bad as us! Hope they are but god we are in trouble.
  8. Great post but do you really think there are three teams out there worse than us? Charlton/Southampton maybe but who else? League One beckons...  
  9. Can''t blame Davies going to PNE, after all thay are pushing for the play-offs and we look bolted on for League One! Shackell coming back is a joke end of story. Him and the Doc just does not work. We''ve all seen it time and time again. We needed an experienced centre back and Purse would have beenn ideal.  
  10. Guess Tuesday night against Barnet reserves will give us the first chance to see what Cody is all about. Got to be Gow tomorrow - no point bring these players in on loan and not using them - particually with Curo well off form right now.   
  11. Otsemobor is just cheep speed. Useful going forward (at times) but is at best a very poor defender. Rather than debate Semmy v Hughes I''d rather see Spillane given a go at right-back next season. Won''t happen this season I know but from what I hear about him at the Luton end he''s on the verge of becoming their Player of the Season!  
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