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  1. [quote user="shiplee15"]I rate Daley and i would love to see him given a chance. I think he''d do well but it may be too risky in the run in[/quote] Dont want to sound rude, but why on what grounds?  Cause he''s quick?  Or is it because he''s home grown?
  2. [quote user="the1englishman"]Of course we should have made more effort for a couple of decent players. A striker was always a must, i think another midfielder was also needed. I really think we are two players short of automatic promotion., We wont get that now, so lets bloody hope we make the play offs.[/quote]   Which is where the frustration comes from, you could see it, I could see it in fact just about every Norwich City supporter could, yet it still didnt happen.
  3. [quote user="AndyJR"]Coulda woulda shoulda. Yes we should although all depends on cash, I think we were saving it all for the winger deal which fell through and by which time, the window had closed. Now it''s probably a case of whom and how much.[/quote] But now we know we had at least 2 million to play with.
  4. I really was hoping this wasn''t going to come back and bite us in the arse but with the Strikers we have available (if you take Holt out) it is never going to be enough to push the top 2, now I worry we might fall out of the play offs.  Trying to get a decent striker in now is and will prove to be extremely difficult.  With most the other teams around us having strenghten to take advantage of a very tight league I fear we might have missed one of the best oppotunities we could have had perhaps for years to come to get back to the Premier league.  I dont buy into look at where we were 2 years ago etc, well what about when we were playing and beating Bayern or finishing 3rd in the Premier league?  Its just not relevant anymore.  The performance against Doncaster simply put was not good enough, mind you had we signed another striker capable of scoring from 3 yards out we still would have won.
  5. [quote user="ryan1992"]You hear people (including Lambert) saying things such as ''people need to remember how far we have come, 18 months ago we were in the bottom half of League 1''? We are where we are now. We have been in the top 6 for months and have been as high as 2nd. You may aswell say ''5 years ago we were in the Prem'' or ''18 years ago we were in Europe''. We can, with the signing of a decent striker, get this club back where it belongs, the Premier League, not League 1 as some people seem to think after a season down there.[/quote] Couldnt agree more, no one is happier than me to be where we are now after the last few years but I too would like to see us back to where I believe we should be and thats the premier league. Surely all fans want to see their club achieve as much as possible and not settle for second best?  Performances must based on the here and now there is no relevance to where we were, we have moved on and thats exactly the point.  Last night was so predictable and I for one was pretty fed up with the performance.  Did their keeper make save after save, did we hit the post the bar, did their defence make last ditch tackles, did Doncaster look like they couldnt be bothered and that they were beat before they even started, were they world beaters that night, did we play with a real urgency and get at them from the off? No.  Did we still have enough chances to make the game safe, did we think we just needed to pitch up and we would win, did we suddendly find some urgency once they scored, are we still playing a striker whose job is to score (regardless of his link up play flick ons etc) who still cant 6 yards out with only the keeper to beat? Yes.  Is it the end of the World as we know, are Norwich suddenly shit and Lambert doesnt know what hes doing?  Well of course not, but lets not dress up yesterday result/performance as anything else but what it was....bad.
  6. [quote user="First Wazzock"] [quote user="Paul Cluckbert "]We won''t be going up this season... and for me that is good news. The likes of Cardiff, QPR, Leeds,Swansea et al having been readying themselves for promotion for several seasons now... and we just aren''t there yet. Be content with two splendid seasons under Paul Lambert.... with the promise of more to come. If we go up this season and do badly, Paul Lambert will be gone quickly only to be replaced by some big spending Premier League war dog to help preserve the Premier League gravy train. At the moment it''s all about fun and football... whereas promotion will be purely about money. A rash of poor signings and over inflated wages could swiftly wreck what is being built... so be careful what you wish for. Smith and Co. were incredibly lucky to have Paul Lambert dig them out of a hole... and the players on the pitch which he found are giving the fans a great time. Too much too soon... and there won''t be another Paul Lambert to salvage the ''saviour''s'' wreckage next time. [/quote] Good post. I was hoping for a mid table finish this season, so I can identify with exactly what you have said. As Paul Lambert keeps saying, look where we were last season. Let''s keep our feet on the ground here and see how it all pans out. [/quote] You guys ever seen the movie aeroplane?  Please never sit next to me!!
  7. [quote user="The Great Drinkell"] So we don''t actually agree on the best starting 11 so Lambert will never get it right. for me it''s                   Ruddy Martin Barnett Whitbread Drury                  Crofts Lansbury                 Surman            Hollahan       Martin      Holt   And yours is? [/quote]
  8. Personally I believe its a bit of both.  In a perfect world we would have signed Bennet plus a reconised striker with a proven scoring record at this level.  If I had to chose between them then without doubt it would be a striker as Holt seems to be our only striker that can hit the back of the net.  I also believe that it would take some pressure off our defence if teams had more to worry about than just Holt up front.
  9. [quote user="Raymond Getärd"][quote user="Ernie"][quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"][quote user="CT"] Anyone up for an all nighter watching Sky Sports News on monday? Get the cocoa ready! [/quote] The window closes at 11pm so your all nighter might be quite short [:)] Deals can still happen on a Sunday, this is a football club not a Post Office. [/quote] Why so rude no need for that.  I for one will be glued to Sky Sports Monday night. [/quote] It''s not even a scathing comment is it though? [/quote] Your right, just rude and unessasary. Why even post the second part of that sentance?    
  10. [quote user="CbCanary"]Darel Russell? £10,000,000??? Not a chance! Wouldn''t make the Norwich XI today... And based on what I''ve seen of Adel Tarrabt doesn''t seem like a number 1. Good to see 2 of our players get a mention, they have both been great. If Drury hadn''t been injured a lot he possibly could have been there as well.[/quote]   Is this a wind up or are people really this thick.  Its a joke!!!!!!
  11. [quote user="AndyJR"]Certianly hope so CT, can''t help but feel we''re a couple of very good players away from being very possible promotion candidates.  I still worry how tight finances are but I can''t see with the parachute payments next year we''re going to have a better chance for a number of years to reach the gold mine.  Roll the die. [/quote] My thoughts exactly, might not get a better chance for years if at all.  Throw in 2 new signings (being greedy) and even if we dont manage promotion this year at least we will be able to say we had a real good go, particually while we still have Lambert and Co.
  12. [quote user="Bebop and Rocksteady"]Well midnight is only an hour later.... not really an all-nigther either is it :P -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPER RUSSELL MARTIN It is an all-nighter when you''re 13 :)[/quote]   Jesus wept whats with all the point scoring, who really cares if you or anyone else classes 11pm or 12pm as an all nighter, its not really the point nor that important, what is though is, if and or who we sign.
  13. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"][quote user="CT"] Anyone up for an all nighter watching Sky Sports News on monday? Get the cocoa ready! [/quote] The window closes at 11pm so your all nighter might be quite short [:)]   Deals can still happen on a Sunday, this is a football club not a Post Office.   [/quote]   Why so rude no need for that.  I for one will be glued to Sky Sports Monday night.
  14. I could be wrong here but it doesnt look like we will sign anybody in time for the Palace game, which in effect means we have really only have Monday to tie up any potential deals.  Fingers crossed it will be worth the wait!
  15. [quote user="TheGoogler"]I also agree that we need to trim the squad, and in fairness I think Lambert will do that. I''d personally keep Tom, Cody and Josh Dawkin - especially considering all have signed long deals recently. I would definitely look to allow Josh and Tom out on loan though.[/quote] I think we could move on 7/8 senior players with the younger players given another year or so on loan to see if they can cut the mustard.
  16. [quote user="way out west"]I think we should just ditch any youth policy - because having youngsters coming through is long term and heavy on the wage bill - and when we''re short of quality, bring in high-quality loan signings by the bucketful.  It worked in the past. duh... [/quote]   Why would you comment on what I have said without even reading my post properly?  Where have I mentioned bringing in lots of loan players and ditching our youth policy.  I have seen many products of our youth system come through and without question even at a very young age you knew they would make the grade players like Eddie, Sutton, Green, Bellamy, Fox etc then we have seen players like the Jarvis brothers, Cave-Brown and many many others, players that we have over hyped but have failed to make the grade and once released have fallen down the leagues.  If they are good enough then they are old enough.  We all want our young players coming through our youth academy to make the grade and I hope players like Tom Adeyemi do carve out a career for themselves, hopefully with us but its a hard business and I fear the worst, hopefully I will be proved wrong.  For example would you play him ahead of say Henri?  Bearing in mind how much game time he has really had himself and is also only a year older
  17. [quote user="Boyo''"]I believe the point of sending Daley, Oli, Gill, OTJ and JBA on loan last week, where the other clubs would be paying their wages, was to ''trim'' the squad.[/quot Which is why I think long term Lambert will get rid as would I.
  18. [quote user="ncfcstar"]Off the top of my head - bigger stadiums: Forest, Leeds, Reading, Leicester, Coventry, Derby, Ipswich, Middlesbrough, Sheff U Any others? [/quote] I believe Reading is slightly smaller!
  19. If we were to get in a striker and a winger I would like to see us trim the squad (which I believe Lambert is/will do).  We have 34 proffessional players including one on loan at the club and I dont see the point in having players here that have little or no chance of being able to get into the first team squad.  Quality over quantity, if we were to sell/move on these players (personal opinion) we would free up what £20,000 at least week?  Being totally ruthless Tom Adeyemi, JBA, Luke Daley, Josh Dawkin, Stephen Hughes, Oli Johnson, Cody McDonald, Anthony McNamee, Steven Smith, OTJ, Mathew Gill (thats 11 players!) and with 2 new players we would still have a squad of 25 players, consisting of 3 Keepers, 4/5 full backs, 4/5 center backs, 8 midfield, 5 strikers.  Thank you very much.
  20. [quote user="city-till-i-die"]I''m glad Andy Gray has been sacked after his sexist & ignorant comments on TV. Sky Sports should set an example & give his job to a female presenter. Preferably one with f*****g huge tits.[/quote]  
  21. [quote user="canary_girl"] [quote user="Barnett is King"]Or...                  Ruddy Martin Barnett Whitbread Drury                 Crofts   Lansbury            Surman               Hoolahan            Martin    Holt ? [:)] [/quote] I like the look of that [Y] [/quote] Of the current squad that would be the one I would go for.
  22. Just thought I like to lighten up a grey Sunday by putting together some of my favourite players (give or take).  What about yours Keelan The best keeper I have ever seen at Norwich Ryan Never seen anyone hit a ball so hard Bruce One our all time best defenders Watson Excellant center back great partnership with Bruce Bowen Did it all and scored goals Peters Could go on and on about him but in one word "Class" Crook Fantasic range of passes Huckerby Needs no introduction Neighbour Caused myhem Reeves One of the best all round strikers we ever had McDougal Goal machine Subs Woods, Sullivan, Newsome, Sutton, Fleck, Eddie, Phelan
  23. [quote user="Mahogany"]Have to say I don''t think we really need to bring anyone in. We''ve got a great midfield, with another top quality player to come back from injury. We''ve got a good defence with plenty of cover. Our forward line isn''t scoring too much at the moment but Martin is looking good (apart from his goals) and Jackson hasn''t really been able to get enough game time in to settle. If we bought someone else in they''d have the same problem as Jackson, if they don''t start scoring straight away we have really good players fighting for that place. Hell if we really decide we don''t want to play Martin or Jackson why not try 4-5-1. Would give us a chance to play Hoolahan, Surman, Lansbury, Crofts and Fox at the same time... actually lets try 4-6-0 so we can play Korey too![/quote] I do understand where your coming from but in my opinion the best time to strengthen is when you are doing well and not when your struggling. How long ago was it when any of our strikers actually scored except Holt?  I''m not knocking any of them as I do believe thay all have something to offer and in a perfect world we would also sign a winger as well as a proven goal scorer.  Do you remember when we signed Dean Ashton in Jan (should have been at the start of the season) he almost single handedly kept us in the premier league and lets not forget what everybody else around us have been doing, QPR, Cardif, Forrest, Leicester etc  they have all got good squads but they havent stopped there have they, they are all strengthening.
  24. [quote user="canary_girl"] [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]For all the people on here crying out for a new striker, only three teams have scored more goals than us so far this season (probably four after tomorrow, admittedly).  Think we''re not desperate, personally. [/quote] I would argue that this is because we are so creative in midfield, and luckily we have our defenders and midfielders scoring a good percentage of our goals. Whilst this is good, for the chances we create we are not scoring enough - this may sound petty cosidering where we are in the league, but just a few games off the top of my head - Cardiff, Forest, Portsmouth - all games which we dominated but did not win because we didn''t finish off our chances, games like these could come back to haunt us [/quote] I think yesterday proved your point another 2 goals from midfield, Hoolahan, Crofts, R. Martin have scored alot more goals than all our strikers combined (except Holt).  Yes we have scored alot of goals and its a real bonus that our midfield and defence are chipping but just image if we got another proven goal scorer, how much would that help to clinch an automatic promotion place?  As someone once said, "you can never have to many strikers!"
  25. Have just checked out the fixture list and these next 6 games will really show what we are made of and even our chances of automatic promotion. Crystal Palace away, bogey team but we owe them one, never forget them coming back from 3-1 down with that wanker Andy Johnson doing his best flying act to win a penalty. Millwall at home, never going to be easy, Burnley away, need I say more, Reading at home, payback me thinks but again really tough game, Leeds away, needs no intruduction, Doncaster at home, certainly no mugs.  Home games all winable plus I think we could finally get a result at shithole Palace and if I''m being extra greedy a point at Leeds and Burnley.  Chuck in a potential new signing to give us a bit of a helping hand and I really think we could do this, back to back promotions now wouldn''t that be sweet!
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