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  1. Debate and information. That''s my opinion. Bang a drum if you like but don''t lose the thread of the particular subject being discussed. Take the thread below, "how many non-footballing staff do we really need"? which rasies a stats-based question. So far so good. A couple of decent repsonses and then we stray down the depressingly dull avenues of a) repeating what each other says over and over again and b) moving away from the original point , or repeating the answer or even the flippin'' question!!! Mystic begins. 7rew enters and the ever present Blah gets in and we''re off. Ignoring Megsons flippant approach chunky bly and Alex chime in. A good promising debate about what info is included is underway. By the end of page 1 we are still on course. Then we start to argue about the commitment of the board by supporting the non-footballing side (another issue altogether) and then shack attack says people that read the accounts are boring. A genius post from yours truly is completely ignored as the argument is now well under way, as Megson realises that we don''t have 71 players, Mello hits the front with some crack at Shack and BB says we should talk about football.(BB you could actually stick that on all of the posts if you think it will help)  BB then goes on to make the same point as I did a few posts ago about company cars. The point is then completely lost as posters continually cut and paste previous comments and argue with them. Result? A three page post, which ends up repeating itself.  Shack finaly gets down to some serious typing by asking the same damn question (what constitutes non-playing staff?) that has been asked three times already, and we are no further forward...blimey.....I''m off for a lay down.
  2. Not wishing to be a smart arse BB but I made that point on this very thread a few days ago. Scroll back and have a look? GPB
  3. before you can compare you need to know 1. exactly who is under the "football" catagory (at 71 it must include coaches, colney, manager etc?) 2. whether part time catering staff are included and if so does who counts as 1...is it two people that work half a day each or whatever. It could just be that part time are counted differently and the club has changed its policy on employment? On other specifc posts here.. On Iwans point re staff, I do remember the catering staff all changing at Colney when we wnet up. that was a the same time that Worthy banged the table up there about Academey parents not eating in the main dining hall, and generally got carried away with it all. It also coincided with a sponsored deal with Mccains who think re furbished the kitchens at the time.  Remember when Chase left and the accounts were scrutinised? There were 100''s of people at the club and , if I remember rightly, loads of company cars. The increase in the ground is a good point. South Stand and NU Corner infill must increase the Catering / kiosk people a bit? As a member of the Gunn Club, it presumably means that there will still be one person serving you at the bar as the other three are replacing the Wherry that has just run out.  
  4. Quoted today saying he will be England Keeper because Robinson et al are "not that special". Is the bloke as stupid as he looks? After his tantrum at Carrow Road this year I think he probably is...... http://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/story_get.cgi?STORY_NAME=nonwire_soccer/07/06/07/manual_120317.html&TEAMHD=soccer
  5. Blimey Bly I hope you are right....if you are I will personally hunt you down and buy you a pint of Wherry!
  6. Cripes. Without any doubt you have hit the proverbial on the head my Verdigree friend. Had I have known Jonah was in the Carrot I would have immediately returned to Europa Way and the Beardmobile. Last time I saw Daryl he was with his family at Sheringham swimming baths. DS looked a little dissapointed that no one was asking for his autograph. Instead I , like many others, in panic grabbed my offspring and headed for the door half naked, expecting the roof to cave in at any moment as of course it did on so many occassions (metaphorically) when he played. Daryl truly is the luckiest man ever to have "professional footballer" on his passport.    
  7. Ah, Green my Dear Boy. At last someone who has nibbled at the bait. The thread just doesnt seem to have caught the imagination at all, and I thought that Delia and her love of the Grape would have invoked some debate. Alas no. It seems that most on here would rather talk about whether or not someone called Wizzer and Chips, or Plastic Chicken,  should (or shouldn''t) be allowed to have the inalienable right  of every man (or women) to express himself (or herself) and in doing so rid himself (or herself) ... sorry where was I.?
  8. I for one applaud this signing. I also agree with Delia in her other quote on the subject when speaking in the Gunn Club last saturday "I hope that thish will proove once and for all (hic) that I love thish club. How dare you, I  have never touched a drop in my life other than for medish, mercic, medishun, health reasons. Aint that right Micheal? (hic) Do you think the b***ards can hear me?"
  9. Ryan Jarvis stood in the Gunn club on saturday with a tea cosy on his head. Not really relevant I know but worth a post.  
  10. Yankee, this is utterly pointless. Surely the purpose of a message board is to debate issues, not talk about the board itself? Prefer to see proper debate about the finances, the playing staff, decent gossip and rumour, where the next win is coming from and so on. Who cares about Cluck or Wiz or Freddie the Nutcase? I dont. (funny how the guy has got under your skin though!)
  11. Curious. A subject avoided on here. Maybe for reasons of blind loyalty. Maybe for fear of getting the wrath of Eversheds from Ms Smiths Legal team . We are sinking fast. So is the Red Wine Delia. Where are you? asked the comedically tipsy Ms Smith. "Where is the money?" we cheerfully reply. After three years of extraordinary money (premership plus parachute) we find ourselves outbid by Derby County. 17th, crap squad, novice manager, falling demand in the shop, bigger debt. Prudence with Ambition. Another glass of Chateau Sainsbury''s Ms Smith.? Why not. It might help us both forget.....    
  12. Nope. Wrong. Ferguson hasn''t "frequently" berated the fans. Certainly not since the Takeover. Check your facts my friend
  13. Cluck I must say grateful for your most incisive contribution. Interesting how only after a few hours I am relegated to the second page . Sadly not one of the regular contributors, and as such don''t attract the usual banal witterings. This club is on the slippery slope unless people like us get together..... 
  14. Curbishly would never criticise the supporters. Neither would Rednap, Ferguson, Wenger. That''s the whole point Tom.  
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