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  1. None of the Academy kids are on loan.You are confusing the kids with 1st year pros
  2. its a closed shop for the overpaid pros to keep their jobs-I feel that even if a young lad  did play there would be no support from the senior players and they would let him sink- Sad but True 
  3. I have copied this from a poster on the Official Message Board and found it very entertaining although it could be true     Five members of Norwich City''s youth & reserve teams have spoken out to express their concern over the Senior squad''s Championship survival. The five players, all of whom are currently trying to stake their claim for a place in City''s first team, requested not to be named for fear of reprisals. However, they all had one clear message for Peter Grant: "Don''t play Gary Doherty!" "To play Doherty at this stage of his Norwich career is madness" one of the lads said. "I know that the minute the first team see his name on the teamsheet, confidence and morale goes down. The crowd have been on the team''s back recently and to play Doh-erty only makes things worse". Doherty has turned in a number of abject displays this season, including red cards, comical blunders and own goals. "Doc has the strange ability to become the opposition''s 12th man", explained another of the youth players. "Why the gaffer persists with him despite this baffles me. The entire playing squad can see it, all the fans can see it, and the opposition sees it. Why Granty can''t, and why Worthy couldn''t, I find at best bizarre. To add fuel to this argument, another of the youth players revealed a worrying trait at Colney lately. "Every other day, the first team and reserves split themselves into two teams, with designated ''captains'' picking the players. It''s a bit like how we did things in the school playground. Anyway, the last 4 or 5 training sessions, Doc has been the last player to be picked. We knew it was bad when on two occasions, the kit man had to play to make up the numbers. But even then, the kit man was picked ahead of Gary". And there are fears that if the first team isn''t given a shake-up soon, Norwich could be very realistically facing relegation. "Once a team goes on a losing streak, it''s very difficult to break out of it. And there''s a very strong feeling that a psychological goal against is scored by having Doherty starting the game. If things don''t change soon, we could go down, and it''ll be difficult for the entire squad to mentally recover. Most of us are only 16 or 17, but I think we may as well retire now if relegation happens due to the Doc''s blatant incompetence". City ''defender'' Gary Doherty was unavailable for comment. Posted 2876 Messages View Full Profile
  4. This is spot on, he is only concerned that their are better players than him at the club. All the older players seem to operate a closed shop policy.They say how wonderful the boys area  as long as it doe not affect their wages. You have had your time move over and make way, Rather 11 players on the way up than 11 on terminal decline
  5. You also made the assumption that i am male very sexist of you- Females understand crap decisions as well and no I am not his mum either-just a supporter 
  6. Rossi Jarvis selected for England u19s -who is right England or Grant-   
  7. NO I am just a supporter who bothers to find out what is going on, Try looking at all the sites on LINKS-I also watch the youth team and reserves. We need to promote some of the boys now at least it will get the suporters going. It is a shame the Manager does not know as much as us
  9. There seems to be a misconception abvout what our the youth and what are the paid Professionals at the club. I keep reading about giving some of the youth team a chance and I agree but then posters mention Spillane, Jarvis and Eagle all of whom are part of the first team squad,two of whom were given big deal contracts and are FULL TIME PROFESSIONALS,they are not youth team they are part of the first team. Chris Martin and Patrick Bexfield who are the best of the Youth team are genuine youngsters who are awaiting decisions on whether they get a PRO contarct and at present would do a better job than those previously mentioned,in fact Spillane and Jarvis played in the youth team on Saturday instead of these two and lost,  Why are we paying these young pros serious amounts of money if they are so bad they get relegated to the youth team and are not even good enough to go on loan. Of last years signings from the Academy only Eagle has got any pitch time, Fisk relegated to Kings Lynn, Halliday we never hear off Rossi Jarvis playing for the youth team with Spillane. It all seems very embarassing. Newcastle United had 4 Academy boys in their squad on Sunday- not pros- genuine Yougsters.The only decent player is Cave Brown and he is still getting fit   Come on Grant have some balls or ask Delia to give them back to you play the real boys and get them involved, I would rather go down with the future than a load of rats    
  10. All the youngsters were beating Ipswich 2.0 today in preparation for their 4th round FA youth Cup game at St James Park on Wedneasday night
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