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  1. I was thinking exactly that about the zonal marking in midfield. Yes, if you press you run the risk of losing man on man situations and then being out of position, but I lost count of the number of times one person was trying to cover a 5 or 10 meter square patch of pitch chasing the ball around the triangle. I can only assume CH values a set formation where no player is found out of position but cant get close to the ball. Teams of quality will just pass their way through and it is just as tiring for the player as hounding the opposition constantly.
  2. This chump also referees lower league football - take a look at the number of red cards and fouls he ''awards''. He certainly likes the limelight www.football-lineups.com/referee/2069/
  3. The last time I was this nervous watching England, Green had a nightmare!
  4. Great move Adam - you are a true gent and fully deserve a longer contract. Good luck to you and your family.
  5. Talking about Holt''s wages in this thread, there is a link on talksport saying that he wants to double his wages from £9k to £18k a week. He can''t still be on that surely? "TalkSPORT understands the ex-Shrewsbury man wants to double his £9,000 per week wages, with West Ham and Aston Villa both interested."
  6. I read somewhere that compensation was ''only'' £1m? It is a rolling contract after all
  7. I was also in the Arsenal end as a friend had a season ticket going spare. When the equalizer went in I jumped up to start celebrating before remembering where I was - I turned my celebration into shouting at the defenders for letting the ball go through them so easily. It was still nice to get the release of pressure out and I think I managed to disguise my joy pretty well!
  8. Im sorry, Ive just got back from the game and am a little drunk, but is this a joke? I thought he was ok, he passed backwards and sideways very nicely, the formation affected the whole team but i thought it worried him the most. i like him and think he will be a full international in the future, but calm down.
  9. We have 2 chances to go out in Manchester this year so we are going to make the most of the Wigan night life... cheaper and easier. Also, get on lastminute.com - rooms are still pretty cheap!
  10. I work for lastminute.com - Top Secret Hotels are always a good bet. This search should take you to one. 4* for £55 http://www.lastminute.com/trips/hotellist/list?checkInDate=2010-10-23&startIndex=0&checkOutDate=2010-10-24&hotelMaxReturnPerPage=25&guestCounts=2&ad_dest=NWI&guestCodes=ADULT&city=norwich&configId=S72722479&numRooms=1&serviceTag=LMN0&path=hotels&ad_country=GB&mappingName=
  11. My mate from work has been going on about Palace singing it for the last few months. Does sound good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG576KWKmXU&feature=related
  12. completely agree banana! Definitely cant sit back and soak up pressure at home, but then you cant be reckless either. I think it looks great, but perhaps needs to be slightly amended to the new continental way and have two holding midfielders??
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