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  1. Gazza, could this be the day when you''re kicked out for persistent standing and you miss out on a glorious victory? Remember the stewards are only doing their jobs and if you really want to see parts of the gorund closed (as threatened by the Council NOT NCFC!!) then keep standing, else do as you are asked. OTBC
  2. I''ve sent you both some Pictures I took. OTBC
  3. With the unveiling of the new away kit today, does anybody have any ideas to what it will look like. I’m really hoping it will be black with the lotus gold trim. Web team – Any ideas on what time you’ll have some photos? OTBC
  4. I’m almost 100% sure that nothing can/will be done about this situation now, although I still think we should at least make an effort to try and make these people change their minds. I’m also surprised none of the web team have made an appearance on this subject, I’d be interested to hear your views, as I’m sure many would. OTBC
  5. Come on…heads together, there must be something that we can do to stop this shambles of an idea go ahead! We need to act fast, not long to go now! Is there any body who has time to set up a vote, or petition that we could send to the club to show them how the FANS want this done? OTBC
  6. Unfortunately, it has been announced this morning that Forsell is staying on loan at Birmingham for another season . Great player though, and you said the players are out there.
  7. I agree…selling out Carrow Road for the presentation of the trophy, would be great! It would make it an even more amazing day! I suggest we contact the club with ideas, because the current plans seem to be strange, to say the least. Anybody else agree with Scott’s ideas? If so, let the club know.
  8. Think of the consequences of a pitch invasion…not only could you risk all the above…but as well, the players will not come out for a lap of honour…after a season like this, this would be a big disappointment.
  9. I’ve got an extra reason to look forward to the Preston game…As part of the stewards football team, we are playing on the pitch after the game! Should be good fun!
  10. Just re-read susie b''s post about having a dream about getting pulled over...she mentioned referees helping us on the pitch in the near future... does Reading ring any bells? Too weird!
  11. EVERYBODY...Get yourselves down to Carrow Road on Wednesday night...The reserves play at home, and there is sure to be a bit of a party if/when Sunderland lose or draw to Crystal Palace. So Come On...Lets make it a night to remember!
  12. Colin Lee has parted company with Walsall, along with first team coach Paul Bracewell. Paul Merson will now be in charge of the game on Saturday. Good news for us??? I''m not so sure!
  13. if it wasn’t for the signings, both permanent and loans we have made this season! Obviously some were better than others…Elvis Hammond didn’t exactly set the division on fire…although I think I read somewhere that the EDP got an award for most comical headline, “Elvis lives, and he’s signed for Norwich”, so he was obviously worth it!! If my memory serves me correctly, Norwich were in 14 place when Mr Huckerby and co. first joined on loan, and look were we are now. I believe that without these signings our beloved team would be sitting around mid-table, without a chance of even the playoffs. But never mind we did get them…and we are top of the league…and we will win it! Anybody else agree/disagree?!? OTBC
  14. Just seen hes srted things out at everton and is available for selection again! Wouldn''t be worth buying anyway, we don''t need players like that!
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